5 Promotional Product Trends for 2018

Our marketing team recently attended the largest promotional products trade shows in the state of Texas, and returned with a ton of ideas, samples, and trends to watch.

Here are the 5 that stood out:

1. Everyday promotional items get a texture makeover.

From denim-wrapped journals, to quilted tote bags and ultra-soft T-shirts, texture is the name of the game this year. We even saw hats with the feel of a jersey T-shirt!


Jersey knit caps have a unique, soft texture.

Inexpensive non-woven totes get a makeover with debossing and quilted textures.

2. Customization helps create a one-of-a-kind gift.

Being able to add individual names to a variety of items gives a personal touch that’s great for new hires, customer gifts, and more.

A variety of items are available for individual customization for an extra personal touch!

3. All-over print and dye sublimation give products a splashy, retail look.

You can print nearly anything on almost any material these days. From flashy backpacks with an edge-to-edge design, to caps with printing on the underside of the bill… it’s all up to you how you want your promotional items to look!

4. Augmented reality makes your branding interactive.

Items like customizable temporary tattoos, paper coasters, and more are available to create a fun experience for recipients. Check out this video to see them come to life!


5. Trendy colors take over.

Jewel tones and neon colors in particular were noticeable across many types of products.


These are all exciting promotional product trends you can incorporate into your 2018 marketing and advertising. Promotional Consultant Debbie Yearwood can help you find just the right item or help you create a program that fits your needs and budget. Call or email today! (800) 234-6605 / promos@perryop.com

What’s the Big Deal about Glassboards?

You’ve probably heard about glassboards as an alternative to white boards, but what is all the fuss about? Here are some basics:

PROS of Glassboards

Durability: Glassboards are made from a tempered glass so it’s much stronger than regular glass.

Customization: Make your glassboard “blend” into the wall with a custom paint color, or personalize it with custom graphics.

Simple installation: It’s not complicated and not much different than that of a traditional white board. A white board typically has a frame of some sort, where a glassboard usually is ‘frameless’, creating a cleaner look.

Clean-ability and Long-Lasting: Glassboards are super easy to clean, thanks to their non-porous surface, meaning no marker can stain or “ghost” the board, no matter how often you use it. A quality glassboard can last for years and years, where a white board might have to be replaced pretty frequently if it’s used a lot.

CONS of Glassboards

Cost: Really the only downside of a glassboard versus a traditional white board is that they have a much higher cost. However, if the above points — durability, customization, easy installation, and being ridiculously easy to clean — are important to your application, the benefits far outweigh the extra cost.


The Perry Office Plus preferred glassboard vendor, Clarus, makes fantastic videos about their products, if you want to see more.


This is a great demonstration of how clean-able their glassboard is:


Watch how easy it is to install a Clarus glassboard:


And thanks to the non-porous surface, a glassboard is even CLEANER than a white board… The results of this test will shock healthcare professionals:

And finally, to really see what goes into a Clarus Glassboard, they’ve created this hilarious video to show their competitors how to make one on the cheap:

Contact our Furniture Team to get more information about a glassboard that suits your space: (800) 234-6605 or visit perryop.com/furniture

2016 in Promotional Products (Plus, a Look Ahead!)

It’s always fun to look back at the year and remember the successful promotion we helped clients create! And the winners are…

Promotional Products Superlatives for 2016

Favorite Promo: Commuter Kit for Mills County Medical Center. This fun little pouch includes a cell phone wallet with stand, a small hand sanitizer spray, and a pair of earbuds in a branded case — perfect for the teen-targeted event it was designed for!

Mill County Medical Clinic - Commuter Kit

Most Creative Promo: Wedding Planning Dial for Killeen Civic & Conference Center. What a great way to market to the bridal market! We recommended this item for a bridal event the center was hosting.

KCCC Wedding Planner Dial

Hottest Promo Item of the Year: Stainless Steel Tumblers for… well.. everyone! These are immensely popular and come in a variety of styles, lid colors, and imprint options.

Stainless Steel Tumblers

Best “Self-Promo”: Our branded canopy came in handy for a variety of events this year and we’re proud to show off just one of our outdoor display items.

Branded Canopy

What will be hot for 2017?

The hot color is GREEN – even the Pantone color of the year for 2017 is “Greenery”.
Green Promotional Products


Full color imprints are taking off, as suppliers make it easier, cheaper, and faster to get a beautiful full color imprint, the days of the lonely one-color imprint are numbered.

Super Media Clic Full Color Imprint


Tech products are still popular and will continue to grow, as marketers spend more to appeal to the up-and-coming Generation Z. This Powerbank Junior Padfolio includes a built-in powerbank to charge devices, and other tech-rich features (collapsible smartphone/tablet stand, tech pockets and loops), plus a good old fashioned spiral notebook.

Powerbank Padfolio


VR products are an emerging item for next year, too. You can brand all kinds of headsets for smartphones so users get the true virtual reality experience, while “augmented reality” items — which have special features when you look at them through your phone’s camera — are gaining traction as well.VR headsets

What to Consider Before You Choose a Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing or height-adjustable worksurface have been touted for several years now, from increasing blood flow to even burning a few extra calories. But is it for you?

While studies have shown that breaking up a sedentary workday with standing does have benefits, the most important thing is to simply avoid any single position — sitting or standing — for long periods of time. A sit-to-stand workstation is certainly one way to keep this in check.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to standing or height-adjustable worksurface, here are a few things to consider:

Try before you buy.

We suggest a trial period before committing to standing desk. Prop up your monitors with whatever is available – or get a sample from Perry Office Plus! – and try it for several days before making an investment.

Adjustable or fixed?

A stationary, standing height desk with a tall chair allows for both sitting and standing without moving parts.

More or less movement?

If you don’t plan to switch from sitting to standing very often, you can save money with a hand-crank option, while a pneumatic or electric option may be a better solution for more frequent adjustments. Electric desks can also be preset to your custom height preferences.

Don’t forget the tech!

How will you adjust your monitors and keyboard? We suggest mounting your monitors so they can also be set to correct ergonomic height when you switch from sitting to standing. If you use a keyboard tray, this can be mounted as well.

Let us help!

We’ll assess your current work area, listening to your needs, help you select and even install the sit-to-stand solution that’s right for you. Our consultants can answer your questions and get you set up quickly and easily. Contact the Perry Furniture Team: (800) 234-6605 or furniture@perryop.com

Shop Sit/Stand Desks on perryop.com >

3 Keys to Encouraging Healthy Habits with Branded Products

Is your target audience a health-conscious crowd? Are you considering a wellness program to help improve the overall health of your staff? Branded products are a great way to make a connection with either audience. However, there are some important factors when choosing a promotional product for your health-focused campaign.

portion control lunch kit1. Make it useful.

The more useful the item, the more likely it is to be kept, used, and seen repeatedly. So increase your ROI with useful items like these:


2. Choose something attractive.

Any promotional item is more desirable if it’s got a cool, trendy look.


3. Don’t skimp on quality.

A throw-away item will end up just that, while a quality fitness product will have staying power.


Adult Coloring Books: Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Adult Coloring Book with Imprint Space for Your Logo

This creative outlet is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Release your inner artist by adding your creative touch to 12 beautifully rendered designs, accompanied by inspirational messages. Click to see all the different editions to customize your campaign.

Kids’ coloring books with spaces for a logo have been available for years, but we are now seeing a vast array of books designed for the adult set, each designed to relieve stress and promote creativity. Some are even accompanied by inspirational messages.

From flowers, birds and animals, to intricate unique designs, these “grown-up” or adult coloring books are a wildly popular trend that has media reporting its stress-busting benefits. Retail versions have been listed as best-sellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now you can get in on this trend by adding your logo to adult coloring books! Why?

  • Ability to engage and hold attention.
  • Promotes a healthy habit, relaxation, and creativity.
  • Wide audience and suitable in many different industries.
  • Used and kept for weeks, if not months.
  • Some people post their completed designs online.
  • Cost per impression is low when you weigh potential exposure against product price.

The main purpose of these coloring books is for relaxation, so they will fit into any campaign that is promoting mental health, wellness and relaxation.

  • Promoting healthy habits in health care
  • Assisted living center welcome gifts
  • Keeping minds active in Senior Centers
  • Encouragement in rehab programs
  • Recruiting for Colleges & Universities
  • Encouraging high school students to take a break from your phone
  • Fun for corporate team building seminars & workshops
  • Motivation for wellness programs
  • Build awareness for nonprofits or use as donor gifts
  • A perfect way for resorts and attractions to help patrons remember a vacation

You can even use these coloring books as part of a contest! For example, a wellness program focused on stress management could prompt participants to turn in their colored designs for prizes.

This unique promotional product is sure to light up the faces and pique the interest of your recipients. Contact me today to get some recommendations on the right coloring book for your campaign or event!

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Consultant
Perry Office Plus
(254) 778-4755 x 112

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3 Iconic Chairs that Inspired Modern Copies

We can’t help but notice some characteristics of these classic designs popping up in current office design.

Eames Lounge Chair

Released in 1956, Eames Lounge Chair was the first chair that Charles and Ray Eames designed for a high-end market. Examples of these furnishings are part of the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Our modern versions are definitely not “copies”, but there are enough similarities in the steel base style and segmented bodies to imagine they could be distant relations.




Fauteuil Chair (aka “Louis” Chair)

Perhaps the most recognizable homage to this chair originally designed in the early 17th century France,  is the Ghost Chair by Philippe Stark.  We continue to see the more traditional style in formal office settings, but love Stark’s bold variation.


Model 3107

This is one of the most copied chairs out there, and for good reason!  It was designed by Arne Jacobsen, using a new technique in which plywood could be bent in three dimensions. Over 5 million units have been produced exclusively by Fritz Hansen ever since its invention in 1955. It is THE most copied chair in the world. Such a versatile style.


Want to give your office a classic look? Let our designers steer you in the right direction. Contact us today!