Trade Show Booth Games: 3 Things to Help Make them More Effective

Check out these ideas for trade show booth games!
All these can be branded with your logo, and you can add
your own prizes to the slots, using your own printer.

Not getting much from your trade show booth? Consider using a game to entice visitors to stop in and hear your pitch. Games generate buzz at an event, and get you a great return on your trade show investment.

1. “Pay” to Play!

Whether you get a business card, newsletter sign up, or being willing to hear a short pitch before they play, it’s a good idea to have a “price” to play the game or enter the giveaway. You’ll come away from your event with a larger prospect list.

2. For difficult games, offer consolation prizes.

If your game requires some skill like a Bean Bag Toss [shop bean bag toss games], or has a low chance of winning, offer a higher-end prize for winners, and less expensive gifts to say “thanks for playing”. They won’t walk away empty handed, AND they’ll have something branded to remember you by.

Higher end gifts might include:

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Flashlights
  • Mobile power banks
  • Stainless steel water bottles

Consolation gifts might look like:

  • Plastic tumblers
  • Hand sanitizer sprays
  • Inexpensive sunglasses
  • Good quality pens

The same logic applies if you’re wanting to keep your costs down, but want to have an enticing game. For example, if you’re using a Prize Wheel [ shop prize wheels ], you could have a limited number of space with the higher end gifts and several with less costly items.

3. Capitalize on the “onlookers” with booth branding.

A crowd will often form around exciting games like a Prize Drop (commonly known as Plinko) [shop plinko games] or golf putt. Make sure the onlookers know who you are, even if you don’t get the chance to speak with them individually.

  • Brand your booth with stand-up banners, table covers, and easy-to-read signage.
  • Include displays with great images and benefits of working with you.
  • Place professionally printed materials near the front or corners of your booth.
  • Brand your game! Most games have the option for pre-printed graphics, or optional graphics you can create with your own printer.

No matter your industry, games are a great way to engage event attendees, and we can help you select the products to make it work.

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Increase the ROI of Your Next Trade Show with the Right Promotional Products

Orbit Water Bottle 7858Trade show statistics state that roughly only 12% of show attendees are your potential buyer. Only 12% actually want, need, use, can afford and have the ability to buy your product or service. So when considering a promotional product to entice or thank booth visitors, you might have more budget than you think!

1. Have a little something for the masses.

If you feel that something must be given out to everyone that walks by your booth, then an inexpensive item will do. Anything that tradeshow attendees might appreciate: logo’d pens, hand sanitizer, and mints are all great less expensive options.

2. Keep a little something extra for the truly interested.

Also consider a small number of higher-end gifts that are kept “behind the table” and only given to those who spend time to hear your sales pitch, engage with your product, watch a demo, or sign up for a subscription, etc. — and certainly anyone who places an order or you consider a “hot lead”.

If a show will have about 2,000 attendees, consider purchasing 250 high-quality items that also fit the theme and audience of the event. You’ll spend about the same amount as giving everyone a “little something”, but get much better results. That maximizes your promotional dollars and your ROI!

Passersby — who have no real interest — may ask for one if they catch a glimpse, but you can simply invite them in to your discussion and if they refuse, you can politely share that the special gifts are for interested attendees only. You may actually uncover more prospects this way!

3. Consider your audience.

Ideas for this nicer item might be an imprinted umbrella, a nice padfolio with your logo on it, or a stainless steel promotional water bottle. But consider your audience: A group of educators may appreciate receiving a high quality travel mug, while an IT person might prefer a portable power bank [learn more about these!]. An older demographic might prefer a promotional calendar [tips on these here], while a younger set might like a collapsible water bottle.

Don’t forget the other trade show essentials!

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