10 Products that Make You Feel More Organized Just Looking at Them

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the office and looking to de-clutter and get organized? Here are 10 office products to inspire you to organized greatness!

12-Compartment Organizer with Mesh Drawers
Organize much? You’ll enjoy every one of the 12 drawers here.

Master Vision Magnetic Calendar Combo Board, 48 x 18
So much organization in a shorter height, perfect for underneath overhead storage or in a cubicle. Feels like the best way to start a day. Right after coffee.

Post-It Full Adhesive Roll
Use it as a note or label! The Super Sticky adhesive sticks securely and removes cleanly and the dispenser allows you to pull and cut the perfect length every time. You can use it as a sticky note to leave reminders and notes, or use it as a label to identify rooms, doors, supply baskets, tool boxes, shelves, tubs, and more. The full adhesive back means  it won’t peel up until you’re ready to remove it!

Safco White Mesh Organizer
Use it as an inbox, a to-do box, or to keep on-going projects close at hand. Five 1″ wide vertical sections hold file folders, slim binders, magazines and more, while three 1″ horizontal sections accommodate any letter-size document. How fresh and fun is that white, right?

HON Flaghship File Cabinet
At 30″ high, this multipurpose filing and storage cabinet can also double as part of your worksurface. Check out the link for other configurations. And don’t forget our Furniture Team can help you find just the right storage for your needs — just call 800-234-6605!

Smead Expanding Project Organizer
One of our favorites around the office — this has 10 pockets for keeping track of multiple projects — or multiple parts of a larger project. Keep track of project progress, contacts and notes, all in one place.

Pendaflex Assorted Clear Poly Index Folders
This 10-pack of file sleeves is a great way to put a visual with your ongoing projects. Durable poly folders have color-coded strips, plus white, write-on tab at top for color-coded organization.

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer
Save desk space by utilizing often overlooked wall space! The six cascading pockets are removable to make viewing and access to documents easy, and an elastic cord closure allows you to contract all the pockets and secure them for transport. Bonus: It adds a pop of color to your workspace!

Safco Onyx Mesh Mobile File
Ever wish you could roll that file cabinet out of the way? This a great option, with two supply drawers, a file drawer, a top shelf, and sturdy casters to keep you rolling through your day.

Dymo LabelManager 500TS
Now THAT’S a label maker! This touchscreen, handheld label has a full-color screen that allows you to easily change fonts, format text, and add graphics to your customized labels. Compatible with labels from 1/4″ to 1″ widths, you’ve got a lot of options for getting everything labeled and in its place.

Shop the Perry Office Plus website at perryop.com for many more organization tools and supplies!

How to Use Halloween as a Marketing Opportunity

Aside from Christmas, Halloween is the biggest holiday for consumer spending, and the affordability of promotional Halloween giveaways like trick-or-treat bags, make it possible for even the smallest of companies to get noticed.

Halloween Promos By Perry

Market: Trick-Or-Treaters

  • Hand out imprinted treat bags ahead of the holiday for “ToTs” to use. Consider adding a coupon on the bag itself for return business.
  • How about a logo’d pumpkin carving spoon? You can hand them out at your very own pumpkin carving contest!
  • Reflective safety accessories are a great way to help keep trick-or-treaters safe and get your logo noticed.
  • Even an imprinted flashlight is a welcome gift that will be kept and used again.

Market: Community Events

  • Add your brand to a local event using fun nighttime promotional products.
  • Plastic light-up drinkware or glow-in-the-dark accessories are always a hit at clubs & parties.
  • Get your promos in the hands of folks coming out of haunted houses and it will be a fun souvenir.

Market: Customers and Prospects

  • Go “reverse trick-or-treating” by going door-to-door to your customers and giving them a container of candy to give out. Put it in a custom imprinted bag, box, or even a reusable candy jar for maximum impact.
  • Send your prospective customers a Halloween-themed stress ball to let them know you want to help with their “scariest” problems!

Need more ideas for a cool Halloween promotion? Give me a call or email me today:

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Consultant
Perry Office Plus
(800) 234-6605 x  112
Recent Projects: perryop.com/custom

How to Use Promotional Products for Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting

Whether you have team of sales reps pounding the pavement, or you’re a one-person show knocking on doors, your organization is likely to be out prospecting at some point. Getting in front of the right prospective customers is no small feat. Here are some ways that promotional products can help.

1. Create rapport with the gatekeeper.

A simple gift can help you start building a relationship with one of the most important people in an organization — the “gatekeeper”. This can be anyone from a receptionist to an office manager, but ultimately is the person whose job it is to separate the sales reps and riff-raff from the invited guests and preferred clientele.

When Advertising Specialty Institute asked 2,000 people, “When you receive a promotional product, how do you feel about the company that gave it to you?”, the top answers included grateful, good, and appreciative. At the very least, it’s a way to thank them for not kicking you right out the door.

Ideas: Unique “floating pen” for the desk or a handy tumbler.

circletumbler floatingpen

2. Brand awareness for the right moment.

If you’re trying to be top-of-mind, promotional products are a great way to do that. A recent study showed consumers who own a promotional desk accessory report they typically will keep it for about 14 months. (2016 Advertising Specialty Institute Global Impressions Study) 

That’s 14 months for your competitor to give you an opportunity with your prospect. When there’s an unfortunate snafu or the company’s goals change, you’ll have over a year of branding already working in conjunction with your other prospecting methods. You’ll be their proverbial knight in shining armor, right?

Ideas: Something useful, like a desk accessory or scratch pad, can increase your total ad impressions.

scratchpad deskcaddy

3. Make a cold call into a warm one.

Consider sending a gift directly to your prospect to help introduce yourself. Sending a flashlight to show your prospect that you can “shine a line on cost-saving alternatives” or a photo frame to tell them how you can “help get picture-perfect results”. A little clever wordplay can help you be more memorable when you call on them, and makes your cold call a little warmer.

Ideas: Aluminum Flashlight, Photo Frame or a Spinning Desk Clock to indicate that “This is the time to act!”

flashlight photoframe clock

4. Guilt (aka Give a little, get a little.)

Social psychologists call it The Law of Reciprocity – and it basically says that when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. As a matter of fact, you may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed. A great option for this is a tasty food gift. See if you can’t get the information or appointment you’re after when you hand over something delicious!

Ideas: Executive Pretzel Gift Box, Logo Cookies

preztels cookies

Even if you already have a prospecting plan in place, but are looking for something to give it an extra boost, an ad specialty item might be just the thing. Call me and let’s discuss some ideas.

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Product Specialist
Perry Office Plus
(800) 234-6605  x 112

3 Ways to Make “Cheap” Promotional Products Work Better

When the budget is snug, but you’ve got an event coming up and want to hand out something to advertise your business, all is not lost. You CAN make a “cheap” promotional product work harder — It’s all in the imprint! All the items mentioned below be imprinted for just $.25 or less (minimum quantities apply).

Here are some ways to get the most bang for your buck on a low-cost promotional product:

promosticker1. Use Humor & Inside Jokes

If your imprint is funny, they’ll keep it to share with a like-minded colleague. The more specific to their industry, the better! Whether it’s a funny sticker for their conference badge, a unique temporary tattoo for the after-hours party, or an old-fashioned pencil with a cute quip, attendees will see them on others and seek out your booth. Be sure to test your quip on someone in your target market first!

wallet card2. Include Useful Info

A gym might print health eating tips on a business card magnet. A real estate agent could include home maintenance reminders on the back of a logo’d wallet calendar. Items with useful information are kept longer.

3. Add a Coupon!

Everyone loves a deal! If it makes sense for your business, include a coupon or special offer on your promotional item. If you sponsor an event that uses Tyvek wristbands at the entrance, you can get them imprinted with your logo and special offer for attendees to use after the event. A paper coaster is a cute way to advertise a happy hour discount. And if you don’t want to pay for helium balloons, hand them out un-inflated, and imprinted with a coupon that will “blow” them away.

Need more ideas? Just give me a call:

Debbie Yearwood
Promotional Products Specialist
Perry Office Plus
(254) 778-4755

And don’t forget another way to increase your ROI at a trade show or event… The “behind the table” gifts. Get the full article on that here.

9 More Christmas Promotions & Gift Ideas

Christmas IdeasThe longer you wait to order holiday gifts and giveaways, the more inventory issues and rush charges you will encounter as the holidays approach. So here are some ideas that can help get the ball rolling early.

  1. Embroidered Fleece Blankets: A warm touch for any client!
  2. Imprinted Fleece Gloves, Beanie, & Scarf Set: A great way to tell your staff Merry Christmas!
  3. “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters: A custom-designed promotion that’s sure to create holiday buzz.
  4. Custom Christmas Ornaments: A wonderful way to commemorate the year.
  5. Snowman Making Set: A fun giveaway (and wishful thinking)!
  6. Largest Stocking Giveaway: Have a big in-store drawing!
  7. Custom Holiday Greeting Cards: Send clients a custom card with warm holiday wishes.
  8. Full Color Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: A useful way to say Merry Christmas. You can even imprint a calendar for the new year!
  9. Snowscape Card: A fun way to bring the “snow” inside this winter.

Contact our Promotional Products Specialist for more information on any of these cool Christmas items!

Why Use Kitchen Promotional Products?

Silicone Whisk

Add your logo to this Silicone Whisk and remind patrons that not working with you is “Whisky Business!”

by Debbie Yearwood | Promotional Product Specialist
Perry Office Plus | (800) 234-6605 x 112

Look around your kitchen or office break room and you’re bound to find some promotional products (82% of homes do!). There is a good reason for that — they work! Kitchen promos work great for health or fitness-related businesses, financial and real estate companies, dental and medical offices, or anyone who wants to get some staying power in their customers’ homes.

Here are some more stats that might help you decide on your next promotional item — and a few ideas to consider, too!

41% of all family cooking is done by men.

52% of adults spend 3 hours in their kitchen daily.

53% of grocery dollars are spent by Baby Boomers.

77% of Americans are making healthier food choices.

Imprint this 5-in-1 Measuring Spoon to tell your customers your service is "beyond measure"!

Imprint this 5-in-1 Measuring Spoon to tell your customers your service is “beyond measure”!

80% of households cook with fresh ingredients.

83% of households keep screwdrivers in a kitchen drawer.

87% of consumers make buying decisions while at home.

90% of households make pizza and eat ice cream.

Need to cook up a promotion for your business or event? There so many possibilities! I’d love to help you come up with a fun and effective promotion. Call or email me here >

Celebrate Business Milestones in 4 Steps

by Debbie Yearwood, Promotional Products Speciailist

Whether your company is celebrating another year in business or just want to recognize long-time employees, promotional products are a fun and easy way to create some buzz. Get started

Perry 95th Anniversary Cup1. Create an Anniversary Logo

Consider creating a logo for your company’s anniversary or design a “Years of Service” logo that can have interchangeable numbers for long-term employees. Here at Perry Office Plus, we’ve designed a 95th anniversary logo that we’re using on a variety of promotional items this year, including this cool circle lid tumbler. Email me to get a sample of one while supplies last!

2. Recognize Long-Term Staff

A custom-designed coin or lapel pin is a classy way to mark an occasion or acknowledge years of service. Custom apparel, such as a jacket, shirt, hat or umbrella, emblazoned with your company or anniversary logo is a great way to show appreciation to staff for their commitment.

Fleece Wearables3. Connect with the Community

Whether your “community” is your hometown, loyal online followers, or is more global, they’ve helped get you this far, so it’s important to extend the celebration to them. A custom calendar is a year-long way to feature your dedicated team, show off your city’s unique flavor, or showcase your most popular products, with monthly full-color photos.

Etched Wine Bottle4. Thank Your Best Clients

Some of your larger or most loyal customers deserve special recognition during a milestone year. A high-end gift like a bottle of wine etched with your anniversary logo expresses thanks with a special touch.

If you’d like some ideas for ways to celebrate company milestones, thanking your best clients, or setting up an employee retention program, give me a call at (800) 234-6605 or email promos@perryop.com.