How to Choose a Promotional Product that’s GREAT, Even if Your Budget Isn’t

You’re planning your next promotional product for an event or initiative and you have a high end item in mind. Your budget might have other ideas — and that’s ok.

For every “high-end” item, there is a less expensive alternative that might be right for your audience (and certainly easier on your budget). Here are some ways you can scale back your wish list to choose an effective AND affordable promo!

$$$$ <— This … or this for less! —> $$
1. The full set? Do just a piece!
If an $8 Salon-Quality Manicure Kit is outside your budget, try a simpler Nail File Key Ring for under $1 each. Recipients will still appreciate its usefulness. You could even use it as a loyalty charm for repeat clients.

2. Full color? Simplify!
Instead of a $13 full-color branded smartphone case, a silicone “Smart Wallet” offers usefulness and branding in one, at a lower price point. You can even pop your business card inside each one as a handy way to distribute it.

3. Make a big splash? You could take the simpler option.
Instead of a $17 luxury logo’d towel, use an inexpensive branded Lip Balm with a high quality full-color label that will still be useful for days in the sun.

4. Instead of “Executive Style”, try “Functional & Affordable”.
Instead of a $4 metal stylus pen, add your logo to this less expensive Metallic Stylus Pen for less than $.80 each — attach it to a coupon for your product or services!

5. Items with a narrow appeal can cost more. Something universal helps!
Instead of a $15 stainless steel insulated tumbler, your audience might also like a more budget-friendly color-changing stadium cup — at less than $.89 each.

Bottom line: When your budget is limited, you can stretch your budget when you think outside the box!

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Standardized Seating: Why It Might Work for Your Office

What is Chair Standardization?

Standardizing your seating means using the same chair “family” across your entire organization. One chair may come in a task chair, guest chair, stool, and executive style, allowing one type of chair to be used in all the different spaces in your office.

Nucleus is a line of seating from HON that is available as an ergonomic work chair, multi-purpose stacking chair, and elegant café-height chairs. As you can see, a variety of options are possible. Learn more about HON Nucleus >

Nucleus is a line of seating from HON that is available as an ergonomic work chair, multi-purpose stacking chair, and elegant café-height chairs. As you can see, a variety of options are possible. Learn more about HON Nucleus >


Why Should Your Office Consider Standardizing Your Seating?

Marketing likes standardized seating because it creates a cohesive, attractive appearance throughout your office, and even throughout multiple locations. You can build your company’s visual brand with a unified look in all your offices.

Management likes standardized seating because it saves company time — employees don’t have to make any decisions about the type of chairs. Once the decision has been made it is easy to place repeat orders as needed.

Accounting likes standardized seating because it’s easy to manage the life cycle of the chair. Most chairs that we sell have warranties that match up with the depreciation cycle of capital expenditure, so it’s not time to get a new chair until the old one is fully depreciated. Plus, there are fewer surprises on the bill; Planned spending is convenient and less costly.

Employees like standardized seating because they can still get the comfort and many of the customization options they want. Many chairs are designed to be adjusted for people of all body types – from the 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male. A chair like this can be adjusted to almost all of your employees and most can be offered with or without arms, and in a variety of upholstery.

3 Things to Consider When Standardizing Your Office Seating

  1. Personal preference or special needs. Employees may not like the chair you choose to standardize on. Many of our ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to most body sizes and types, so this can be avoided in most cases, but occasionally there may be a person with special needs or they simply don’t like the chair.
    How We Can Help: Our furniture team offers in-office chair demonstrations and test drive options to help you get employee buy-in, before you buy.
  2. Discontinued chair models or fabrics. This is very rare, but does occasionally pose an issue.
    How We Can Help: We usually have good notice when something like this will happen so we can help you plan ahead.
  3. Empowered employees. Some organizations want their staff to feel empowered to choose their own chair.
    How We Can Help: We’ll help you narrow the selection to a few chairs and some predetermined fabrics. With even limited options, the team still gets to choose, all while staying within company guidelines.

Need help getting started on a standardization plan? Your Perry Office Plus Furniture Consultant can help: (800) 234-6605