Old Promos with New Tricks: Power Up these Tried-and-True Imprinted Items

We love the way promotional products are getting makeovers, from new packaging, to unique add-ins. Here are just a few ways you can power up these traditional logo’d items.

Promo: Snacks and Candy
Power Up: Custom Magnet as the Label

Most branded treats, like mints or candy, are for in-the-moment branding. But Magnet Packs are a fun way to leave the recipient with a ‘sweet reminder’. Your message is printed on an attached magnet that will stick around long after the candies, trail mixes, or even dog treats are enjoyed!

Promo: Stadium Cup
Power Up: Silicone Pint Glass

Made from the same material as the popular awareness bracelets, now this pint glass can be given and used anywhere, with no worries about glass containers, or small flimsy plastic cups that can crack or wear out over time. Silicone means it’s microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, will not melt if placed near ovens or grills, and won’t chip or fade. Sturdy enough to hold liquids, flexible enough to carry in your pocket! Perfect for indoor & outdoor dining, camping, tailgating, and commuting.

Promo: Fridge Magnet
Power Up: Domed Magnet Set

The new 4-piece Domed Magnet Set comes in a gift-able tin for a high-end look, and the magnets can be round, square, or a mix of both. Makes the perfect client or staff thank-you gift.

Promo: Branded Journal
Power Up: Tip-In Promotional Pages

Advertising space like no other — your message, map, schedule, special offer, contact information, industry tips and figures, and more — all on 1 to 8 pages in side your branded journal, or even a tri-fold-out sheet for larger layouts. Now available in Castelli brand journals!

Promo: Insulated Tumbler
Power Up: Light-Up-Your-Logo Tumbler

This 16 oz. double wall insulated tumbler features your logo… illuminated! The patent-pending design and function lights up your logo by pressing a button at base. ABS Plastic exterior, 304 Stainless Steel interior and features plastic twist-on lid. Comes with 2 replaceable cell button batteries. Perfect for evening outdoor events, or a quality client gift.

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Put Some Sparkle in Your Promos: 6 Imprinted Items to Dazzle Your Audience

A growing trend in the promotional products industry is the addition of glitter, sparkle, light, or other shimmering elements that helps your gift stand out from the crowd. Here are some of our favorites. Reach out to us if you take a ‘shine’ to any of these radiant ideas — we’ll help you get more ‘bling’ for your buck!

Reusable Glitter Tote Bag

This glitter-finish non-woven, polypropylene tote is a fun spin on the traditional grocery tote. It would make a fabulous addition to any event where you want to make a bold, flashy statement! Perfect for a women’s conference or swanky swag bag.

Illusion Sparkle Water Bottle

This 17 oz. vacuum-insulated, double wall stainless steel bottles are designed to have an ‘illusion’ effect, showing two color shifts as light hits the coating from various angles. Available in Green/Blue, Purple/Blue, and Orange/Magenta. Sure to compliment any luxury or beauty brand, or makes a bold great sideline statement for teams and clubs.

22oz Cool Gear Pop Lights

These 22 oz. Single wall Eastman Tritan™ plastic party bottle features LED lights that create a unique illuminated 3D effect for your imprint! The 8 rotating color light modes and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. Includes 3 AAA Batteries and leak resistant flip cap. Light up the night with this amazing drinkware!

Mood Sparkle Pencil

Mood pencils change color by the heat of your hand, but these don’t just change, they sparkle! Perfect for holidays, trade shows, kid events, and awareness days! Choose from Green To Yellow, Orange to Yellow, Blue to White, Purple to Pink, Dark Red to Orange, or Black to White.

Custom Glitter or Glow Tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are a favorite at many events — and now you can add a glitter effect or even a glow-in-the-dark option to really put a spotlight on your brand!

Sequin-Embroidered Apparel

This is a unique way to give your branded apparel a special sparkle! This decoration technique uses sequins to create attractive logo designs. Once a layout is complete, it is digitized in a sequin dot format. The design is then created by embroidering sequins directly onto the garment. Add it to shirts or hats for a wide variety of uses.

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10 Ideas for Marketing Your Business at an Outdoor Event


Here are some quick tips on getting some exposure for your brand, business, or organization at the next outdoor event:

1. Be VISIBLE! Razor flags [like this one] stand out in a crowded space and can be a great branding tool

2. Offer something immediately USEFUL like a hat, bottled water, or snack.

3. If it’s a warm day, make your guests more COMFORTABLE with a cooling towel, sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray, or hand sanitizer. This kit hits many notes >

4. If it’s a PET-FRIENDLY event, add a watering station for four-legged guests to entice pet parents into your space. Check out these other pet-related giveaway ideas >

5. Giveaways with a “HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE”, like T-shirts or tech items, are always coveted by attendees.

6. For evening outdoor events, a LIGHT-UP giveaway can make your space the cool place to be. This one is sound-activated, perfect for music events!

7. A unique GAME is always a hit — consider a Plinko-style drop game, golf putt, or cornhole hole game. There are a wide variety of booth games you can add a logo to!

8. Outdoor events are often more relaxed, so you can be SILLY and hand out goofy headwear or wacky promotional toys or Frisbee-style flyers.

9. Make sure your MESSAGE or BRAND is the focus of your space — your logo and website should be on every element. Here’s a way to add branding to your plain outdoor tent >

10. Incorporate a CALL TO ACTION on your giveaways. Adding a coupon or special offer to a promotional item makes it more likely to be kept.

BONUS TIP: Make your booth “viral” with an awesome photo opportunity! These cut-out banners make it easy for your visitors to snap a funny photo with your branding and share it with friends on social media, multiplying your exposure! Other cut-out options available, just ask us!

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Branded Cleaning Products that will Promote Your Business for the Next Six Months

Health & safety promotional products are statistically kept by the recipient for six months. That’s six months of brand exposure for your business while being associated with a helpful, healthful item. These items are appreciated by germaphobes, parents, busy travellers, and professionals of all ages.

Here are three categories of cleaning and hygiene products that make great imprinted gifts and giveaways.

Household Tools

From a useful dish or veggie scrubber, to a handy duster, household and kitchen cleaning tools are popular advertising. Farmers markets love these, and tech and security companies can show clients how they can “scrub” data or “clean up” a network.

We love this Frizzy Hand Duster for a fun gift in bright colors. It’s a fun promo for professional organizers or cleaning companies. Even an accountant can help you “dust off the books” for a clean tax season!

You can even bundle items together for a real impact. The Clean Up Kit comes with a duster, scrubber, apron, and tote bag — all with your logo printed on them.

Tech Cleaners

You’ve probably heard about the studies that show our cell phones and devices are filthy and covered in germs like E. coli, influenza, and MRSA. Help your prospects and customers keep germs at bay with a handy promotional tech tool, such as phone sanitizer spray. A perfect giveaway for health professionals, tech companies, or sales teams.

For quick wipes, a full-color microfiber cleaning cloth is a great way to make a splash — you can make yours a map, a calendar of events, or just a beautiful photo. For on-the-go types, get a cloth kept in a convenient key tag.

At the office, a keyboard brush can be a handy tool and a way to remind your customers you’ll help sweep away their problems.

For intense cleaning power, a UV phone sanitizer makes a great high-end gift for your heavy tech users. It makes the perfect thank-you gift for top clients, sales reps, and partners.

Personal Items

Promotional personal hygiene and cleaning items are handy tools for almost anyone in your audience. Health professionals, eye care providers, and even laundry services can use these giveaways!

A simple lens cleaner spray is unique and helpful. A stain remover pen is something people will keep at the office or in the car.

Hand soap sheets are perfect for camping, hiking, and travelling — they create suds when mixed with water, without the hassle of a liquid — perfect for frequent flyers!


Need more ideas for putting a polish on your next promotion or event? With thousands of items available, our Promotional Consultant can provide recommendations that meet your timeline, budget, and audience. Contact us today: (800) 234-6605 or promos@perryop.com

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5 Promotional Product Trends for 2018

Our marketing team recently attended the largest promotional products trade shows in the state of Texas, and returned with a ton of ideas, samples, and trends to watch.

Here are the 5 that stood out:

1. Everyday promotional items get a texture makeover.

From denim-wrapped journals, to quilted tote bags and ultra-soft T-shirts, texture is the name of the game this year. We even saw hats with the feel of a jersey T-shirt!


Jersey knit caps have a unique, soft texture.

Inexpensive non-woven totes get a makeover with debossing and quilted textures.

2. Customization helps create a one-of-a-kind gift.

Being able to add individual names to a variety of items gives a personal touch that’s great for new hires, customer gifts, and more.

A variety of items are available for individual customization for an extra personal touch!

3. All-over print and dye sublimation give products a splashy, retail look.

You can print nearly anything on almost any material these days. From flashy backpacks with an edge-to-edge design, to caps with printing on the underside of the bill… it’s all up to you how you want your promotional items to look!

4. Augmented reality makes your branding interactive.

Items like customizable temporary tattoos, paper coasters, and more are available to create a fun experience for recipients. Check out this video to see them come to life!


5. Trendy colors take over.

Jewel tones and neon colors in particular were noticeable across many types of products.


These are all exciting promotional product trends you can incorporate into your 2018 marketing and advertising. Promotional Consultant Debbie Yearwood can help you find just the right item or help you create a program that fits your needs and budget. Call or email today! (800) 234-6605 / promos@perryop.com

5 Strengths of Promotional Products You Might Not Have Thought Of

What makes custom printed promotional products so effective? Why do we insist they are one of the most useful and effective ways to get a message across or promote a brand? We dig deeper than the typical answers of “It shows off a logo” or “A lot of people will see it.”

1. Promo products are TARGETED.

A properly selected promo item is laser-focused to your market. Unlike mass media types of advertising that are (hopefully) seen or heard by anyone even remotely paying attention, there’s much less “waste” with promotional items, which are typically given and appeal directly to your desired audience.  Think “rifle”, instead of “shotgun”.

2. Promo products are STICKY.

You may have heard that “sticky” marketing stays around, has a long shelf life, and a long-term advertising value. Good promotional products tend to be kept, used, and shared, giving them a life beyond the first impression.

3. Promo products are TANGIBLE.

When giving a promotional item — something tangible that a consumer actually touches — the medium becomes the message! Promos give you the opportunity to create a fun memory “hook”, such as a play on words or colorful imprint, that gives your message more impact.

4. Promo products are WELCOMED.

The right branded gift creates goodwill between the giver and the recipient. It’s one of the few forms of advertising people actually enjoy. They might skip through your commercial, but few people will turn down a great branded product — who ever got annoyed by a nice gift?

5. Promo products are ENDORSEMENTS.

By using or sharing a promotional item with your logo on it, it implies the user approves of your brand, and creates a more positive impression for those who see it. Branded gifts and giveaways are more than moving advertisements; they’re practically moving testimonials!

If you’re not using promotional items — or worse, have used them and not found them effective — please call us to discuss what might work better.

7 Promotional Items that are Perfect for Tailgating and Football Season (and 1 Extra Point)

Whether you’re taking advantage of the crowds at a tailgating event, or just offering giveaways that appeal to the sports fan, these are 7 you might not have thought of yet.

1. Drinkware & Accessories

From Koozies and  bottle openers, to reusable party cups and tumblers, these items will be kept and used again and again!

2. Hats

Color-coordinate your hat with team colors and get the die-hard fans pumped up and willing to wear your brand all year long!

3. Noisemakers & Spirit Items

There are plenty of ways to jump on the team bandwagon — temporary tattoos, inflatable noisemakers, pom-poms and more!

4. Sunblock & Sunglasses

It might be “fall”, but the sun is still shining at these games. Branded sunblock and imprinted sunglasses make a great giveaway.

5. Rally Towels

Show your team spirit by handing sports fans a great rally towel with your logo!

6. Folding Chairs

These folding Captain’s chairs make great raffle prizes and will be used year-round at outdoor events, camp sites, beaches, and family reunions.

7. Clear Totes

Many stadiums require the contents of a bag to be visible. You can add your logo and give recipients a useful see-through tote!

Extra Point: Hosting a space at tailgating or outdoor event? Here are a couple tips:

A branded bean bag toss (“corn hole”) or similar game is a fun way to occupy guests at your event while putting your brand front-and-center.

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