10 Products that Make You Feel More Organized Just Looking at Them

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the office and looking to de-clutter and get organized? Here are 10 office products to inspire you to organized greatness!

12-Compartment Organizer with Mesh Drawers
Organize much? You’ll enjoy every one of the 12 drawers here.

Master Vision Magnetic Calendar Combo Board, 48 x 18
So much organization in a shorter height, perfect for underneath overhead storage or in a cubicle. Feels like the best way to start a day. Right after coffee.

Post-It Full Adhesive Roll
Use it as a note or label! The Super Sticky adhesive sticks securely and removes cleanly and the dispenser allows you to pull and cut the perfect length every time. You can use it as a sticky note to leave reminders and notes, or use it as a label to identify rooms, doors, supply baskets, tool boxes, shelves, tubs, and more. The full adhesive back means  it won’t peel up until you’re ready to remove it!

Safco White Mesh Organizer
Use it as an inbox, a to-do box, or to keep on-going projects close at hand. Five 1″ wide vertical sections hold file folders, slim binders, magazines and more, while three 1″ horizontal sections accommodate any letter-size document. How fresh and fun is that white, right?

HON Flaghship File Cabinet
At 30″ high, this multipurpose filing and storage cabinet can also double as part of your worksurface. Check out the link for other configurations. And don’t forget our Furniture Team can help you find just the right storage for your needs — just call 800-234-6605!

Smead Expanding Project Organizer
One of our favorites around the office — this has 10 pockets for keeping track of multiple projects — or multiple parts of a larger project. Keep track of project progress, contacts and notes, all in one place.

Pendaflex Assorted Clear Poly Index Folders
This 10-pack of file sleeves is a great way to put a visual with your ongoing projects. Durable poly folders have color-coded strips, plus white, write-on tab at top for color-coded organization.

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer
Save desk space by utilizing often overlooked wall space! The six cascading pockets are removable to make viewing and access to documents easy, and an elastic cord closure allows you to contract all the pockets and secure them for transport. Bonus: It adds a pop of color to your workspace!

Safco Onyx Mesh Mobile File
Ever wish you could roll that file cabinet out of the way? This a great option, with two supply drawers, a file drawer, a top shelf, and sturdy casters to keep you rolling through your day.

Dymo LabelManager 500TS
Now THAT’S a label maker! This touchscreen, handheld label has a full-color screen that allows you to easily change fonts, format text, and add graphics to your customized labels. Compatible with labels from 1/4″ to 1″ widths, you’ve got a lot of options for getting everything labeled and in its place.

Shop the Perry Office Plus website at perryop.com for many more organization tools and supplies!

8 Gifts for Your Messy Co-worker (or the Office Neat Freak)

Need some ideas for the co-worker or friend who always has a clutter-covered desk, and just can’t seem to get it together? Or maybe your cube-mate is intensely tidy and appreciates gifts that help them stay that way. Here are 8 great ideas (and you can get them all from Perry Office Plus):

1. Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Trackers

Perfect for the person who misplaces everything! This set of 2 Bluetooth tracking tags use a free app to locate anything it’s attached to. Shop on perryop.com (SMD02218)

2. Grip-A-Strip Display Rail, 12 x 1 1/2, Aluminum Finish

This streamlined alternative to bulletin boards lets you display important papers, posters and other items up to 1/8″ thick, without the need of tacks, pins or tape that can get lost. Shop on perryop.com (AVT1025)

3. Bankers Box Premiere 6-Piece Organization Kit

This lightweight kit contains one eight-compartment sorter, one four-compartment organizer, one three-drawer organizer with bin and three magazine files. Made of corrugated cardboard with 60% recycled content. Shop now on perryop.com (FEL7647801)

4. Smead Project Organizer

This multi-pocket organizer includes pre-printed templates for optimal organization and project planning! Shop on perryop.com (SMD89200)

5. Dotz Cord Catcher

Keep charging cords from dropping behind desk or workstation. Holds up to four cords in two channel sizes. Weighted, non-stick silicone base grips to surface without leaving residue. Shop at perryop.com (PRBDCC40MCK)



6. Monitor Riser

Puts your monitor at a comfortable height, plus it has a mini sorter and accessory tray on the top shelf (or you can use them separately). Shop at perryop.com (FEL8037401)

Justick Bulletin Board by Smead

7. Smead Justick Bulletin Board

With just 4 batteries, this bulletin board uses an electric charge to hold items — no pins or magnets, since you know, those get lost pretty easily. Watch the brief video on this great new line of products. Ask your Perry Office Plus rep about it today!

HON Flagship Mobile Pedestal with Seat Cushion Top

8. Mobile File Pedestal with Seat Cushion

Store, move, sit… Add the optional seat cushion top to the HON Flagship mobile pedestal and you’ve got a multi-purpose piece of furniture that will roll away under a worksurface, serve as an extra seat (or stacking area, for the stacking types), and has plenty of room to keep files and other items off your desk. Contact the Perry Office Plus Furniture team for a quote!

5 Tips for Planning Your Promotions [ FREE Planning Worksheet ]

Budgeting for promotional products is not necessarily at the top of everyone’s list, but it can be a helpful exercise to make sure what you want, need, and can afford are in alignment, prior to seeking out the products themselves.

Marketing Plan Development

Here are my top 5 tips for planning your promotions:

1. Plan ahead. Plot all your known event dates and seasonal needs. Start thinking about promotional items for each event about 2 months in advance. Use my planning worksheet below to sketch out a bird’s eye view of your promotional year.

2. Know the audience. Estimate quantities and demographic for each occasion to quickly narrow down your product selection to the best items.

3. Budget for the unexpected. Plans change and things happen. Factor in extra time and money for last-minute needs.

4. Work with a professional. Specialists like myself can help you choose the right promotional products and keep you on-time and on-budget. We will also handle the details, like samples, artwork, proofing, shipping notifications, and quality checks.

5. Review and revise. After an event, make notes about what worked well and what you would change. This will help make your planning even better for the next year (or even your next event).

Download my Free Promotional Planning Worksheet!

Download Printable PDF

Download Editable Excel File

For a limited time, if you fill out your promotions in the above planner, I’ll give you FREE setup on your first order of 2016. One discount per customer. Offer expires 12/31/2016.

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Product Specialist
Perry Office Plus
(800) 234-6605  x 112

10 Ways to Save Time with a Custom Stamp

At Perry Office Plus, we offer a variety of pre-printed and custom stamps to help make your work life better. Whether you choose a convenient self-inking stamp, or a traditional rubber stamp and ink pad, you can save a lot of time on a lot of tasks.

  1. Mark the Date: For that thing you do every day week, or month, dater stamps can even include a variety of changeable phrases. Shop date stamps >
  2. Sign Here: Whether you sign a lot of documents or need to have your signature available to staff when you’re away, a handy stamp can help you speed through the paperwork.
  3. Avoid Handwriting Questions: Frequently used messages can get messy over time.
  4. Apply a Return Address: When you don’t mail enough to get custom printed envelopes.
  5. Endorse Checks: Never forget all the required information when you use a stamp.
  6. Add an Official Seal: Government, notary, or organizations can make it official with a  custom stamp.
  7. Fill out Forms: An address stamp can get all the info you need in one spot.
  8. Add Special Instructions: Especially if they don’t apply to everyone.
  9. Add a Marketing Message: Stamped messages get noticed — add a fun pop to your invoices!
  10. Play Favorites: Stars, smiley faces and other symbols are a fun way to give stamp your approval.

Need help with a custom stamp? Request a quote here > Or call our customer support team to discuss what’s available in our pre-printed options: (800) 234-6605.

#TransformationTuesday : Sales Office ‘Landing Spots’

Outside Sales Reps for nearly any organization are typically on the road or working from home more than they are in the office, but they likely still need a place to “land” at the office. A well-designed set of cubicles can turn a traditional office into a cube farm for your road warriors. Our sales office makeover is a great example.

By combining two HON products — Abound systems furniture and Voi casegoods — our designers created 4 “landing spots” for the Perry Office Plus Sales Team.  The use of glass on the top provides some sound barrier without creating too much visual clutter at eye level.

Here’s the before and after, plus a few close-ups of some neat features (we also got new carpet as you can tell the old stuff was well-used!):

Transformation Tuesday : Sales Office Makeover

Dry Erase Panels on HON Abound

HON Abound: Dry erase panels for note-taking and note-leaving. Monitor arms increase worksurface area


HON Voi for Sales Rep Landing Spots

HON Voi: Desking and storage is maximized in a small space.

HON Abound: Accessories keep supplies off the worksurface and provide additional lighting.

HON Abound: Accessories keep supplies off the worksurface and provide additional lighting.

Need a way to work in several staff members in a smaller space?
Contact our Furniture Consultants to discuss your options!

perryop.com/furniture   |   800-234-6605   |   Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

#TransformationTusesday : A Monitor Arm Makeover!

The Perry Office Plus headquarters recently got a great addition to our working showroom (a.k.a. offices): brand new monitor arms! Some people were using a monitor stand or, like me, whatever we could prop them up with to make them a comfortable height. Most folks in the building utilize a dual monitor setup, so that can make it twice as ugly!

If you could use some extra space on your desktop or would just like to give your desk a cleaner look, call our Furniture Department to get a quote on a monitor arm for your workstation, desk or cubicle. They can go almost anywhere and can really improve the ergonomics of your office.

Check out this before and after from our Marketing Office:

Before and After of one of the monitor arm locales...

Contact our Furniture Consultants to discuss options for your space!
 perryop.com/furniture   |   800-234-6605   |   Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm


5 Pieces of Office Furniture that Can Actually Multi-Task [ workspace matters ]

Does your office furniture multi-task?

Some cooks say that nothing in your kitchen should serve only one purpose because you end up with a cabinet full of “gadgets” that you rarely use. Multi-purpose tools save space, money – and sanity.

Our designers know office furniture is the same way, so they have a few tricks up their sleeves for when clients have a need for some “creative” space planning and budgeting. Here are some of their favorite “double-duty” ideas that save you space and money.

1. Storage Seating

This Hon Voi credenza has an upholstered seat added to the top so it doubles as a bench (and is a sneaky way to add a pop of color to your office, too). This one is in our very own Furniture Department at Perry Headquarters.
BONUS! Mobile pedestals under desks can roll out and save the space that a guest chair would normally use.

Perry HON Voi Storage Bench

2. Mobile Tables

Utilize small mobile tables to transform a training room to a conference room to a banquet room and back to a training room! These “Cruz” tables from Community are a great way to accomplish this, but many manufacturers offer these in different styles and finishes.

Cruz Mobile Tables by Community

3. Storage Islands

Create a cluster of bookcases, lateral files and storage cabinets of like sizes and pop on a countertop and… VOILA! – a storage island that doubles as a standing-height workstation. It also works as a great informal meeting area! Check out these HON Flagship islands in our Customer Service and Accounting Departments.

Perry Accounting Island HON Flagship

4. “Parking Spots”

Need a space for quick meetings or a workstation for mobile workers like salespeople? Combine lounge seats, tables, and mobile ottomans to create spaces that can be used as temporary offices or “landing spots”. The same space can be used for small group meetings, brainstorming sessions or break areas. Allsteel’s Gather collection has several examples of small meeting/work spaces.

Allsteel Gather Collection

5. Cubicles That Work Harder AND Smarter.

Many panel systems have accessories available that can boost privacy, space division, and storage space. We can easily add tool rails to a panel to store supplies. Turn one panel into a white board surface without trying to hang a bulky board. Now that’s a cube farm that will grow some productivity.

Panel Tools

Call our designers today to find out how they can help you solve your workspace dilemma. We’re here 8-5, Monday thru Friday: (800) 234-6605 or email furniture@perryop.com.