What’s the Big Deal about Glassboards?

You’ve probably heard about glassboards as an alternative to white boards, but what is all the fuss about? Here are some basics:

PROS of Glassboards

Durability: Glassboards are made from a tempered glass so it’s much stronger than regular glass.

Customization: Make your glassboard “blend” into the wall with a custom paint color, or personalize it with custom graphics.

Simple installation: It’s not complicated and not much different than that of a traditional white board. A white board typically has a frame of some sort, where a glassboard usually is ‘frameless’, creating a cleaner look.

Clean-ability and Long-Lasting: Glassboards are super easy to clean, thanks to their non-porous surface, meaning no marker can stain or “ghost” the board, no matter how often you use it. A quality glassboard can last for years and years, where a white board might have to be replaced pretty frequently if it’s used a lot.

CONS of Glassboards

Cost: Really the only downside of a glassboard versus a traditional white board is that they have a much higher cost. However, if the above points — durability, customization, easy installation, and being ridiculously easy to clean — are important to your application, the benefits far outweigh the extra cost.


The Perry Office Plus preferred glassboard vendor, Clarus, makes fantastic videos about their products, if you want to see more.


This is a great demonstration of how clean-able their glassboard is:


Watch how easy it is to install a Clarus glassboard:


And thanks to the non-porous surface, a glassboard is even CLEANER than a white board… The results of this test will shock healthcare professionals:

And finally, to really see what goes into a Clarus Glassboard, they’ve created this hilarious video to show their competitors how to make one on the cheap:

Contact our Furniture Team to get more information about a glassboard that suits your space: (800) 234-6605 or visit perryop.com/furniture

Spotlight: Car Dealer’s New Construction Gets Designer-Style Furniture

The Perry Office Plus furniture team worked closely with an interior designer to select the style and finishes for this new construction at Cleo Bay Subaru in Killeen, Texas. The result is a cohesive, high-end look, perfect for a car dealership.

As a previous client, they brought us into the process early and selected their furniture prior to the building’s completion. As a result, the building’s millwork and countertops were selected to match the furniture, rather than trying to match the furniture to finishes already in place.

The reception station by Darran, with its frosted glass accents and WilsonArt solid surface reception top, offers a custom look at the entry. The client appreciated the attractive, easy to clean, non-porous solid surface material so much — as well as the wood finish on this piece — that they chose to use it throughout the built-in elements of the building.


The varied heights of the reception top adds visual interest and creates and even more custom look.


In the Sales and F&I offices, we selected JSI Vision veneer desking for a high-polish appearance. Glass tops were added to preserve the finish in a busy office environment. Encore Signal guest seating with coordinated wood backs complete the spaces.


Each space utilizes different storage options, including lateral files and overhead storage.


These JSI Solara chairs create a high-end conference area in a fabric coordinated with the room’s carpeting.


In the Service area, Advisor Stations at an elevated height allow staff to stand or use a stool. The Allsteel Terrace tiled system provided the framework, with metal perforated tiles and a contrasting silver trim for a high-design aesthetic.


A kids’ play area was outfitted with durable a maple table and chairs by TMC Furniture.


HON Invitation Lounge seating with JSI side & coffee tables offers a place for Service customers to wait. Grand Rapids upholstered wood stools are perfect for the standing-height counter.


In the back office, Allsteel Optimize cubicles offer plentiful storage and work surface.

This entire building of furniture and seating was delivered and assembled by the Perry Office Plus furniture installation team.

25 Promotional Products to Consider for Your Conference Event

Planning a conference or seminar? Here is a list of supplies and promotional tools to consider for your event. Can I make some personalized recommendations for your specific event?

A handy notebook is always helpful at a conference!

Custom Signage

Get everyone where they need to go and keep your branding top-of-mind:

  • Welcome banners
  • Directional signage to guide attendees throughout the venue
  • Stage branding, such as backdrops or flags
  • Sponsor signage
  • Branded Tablecloths [Featured Item: Convertible Table Throw]
  • Stand-up Signage with schedule of events, maps, or event sponsors

Branded Attendee Supplies

Add your event’s, sponsor’s, or organization’s logo to one or more of these items to share with attendees:

The Perfect Tech Gift set includes eight of the hottest tech items in the market, each imprinted with your branding. Mix and match colors for perfect customization!

Branded Premium Giveaways

Give your attendees a step up from the typical event freebie:

  • Mobile tech (Thumb Drives, Portable chargers, Bluetooth Speakers)
  • Drinkware (Tumblers, Travel Mugs, Color-Changing Cups)
  • Apparel (Shirts, Caps, Accessories)
  • Umbrellas
  • Thermal bags
  • Backpacks

VIP Gifts

Whether you’re honoring, thanking, or awarding:

  • Recognition Awards (Acrylic, Wood, Crystal)
  • Door Prizes
  • Thank-You Gifts for Sponsors, Vendors, and Presenters

Contact me for more ideas, recommended products, art assistance, or pricing on any items:

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Consultant
Perry Office Plus
(254) 778-4755 x 112

10 Tips for Cleaning Your Conference Room

Conference rooms are a vital part of the workplace, and those that are clean and tidy reflect well on the whole company. As a public space, conference rooms get a workout, from staff meetings to impromptu brainstorming sessions, presentations, birthday gatherings and other celebrations. Ensure your conference rooms are clean, orderly and always ready for any get-together.


  1. Be aware of first impressions when entering the room—does it smell dusty or musty? Are chairs in place and surfaces free of clutter?
  2. Discard the trash regularly and never allow food waste to sit in containers for extended periods of time. Keep plenty of liners on hand.
  3. Clean and polish tabletop surfaces, and inspect and vacuum as needed under tables for dust, food particles or other debris.
  4. Provide racks for magazines, newspapers, brochures and other literature.
  5. Make sure glass surfaces, mirrors and picture frames are dust-free, wiped and polished.
  6. On a regular basis, clean and vacuum fabric and other upholstered seating. Inspect daily for crumbs and spills.
  7. Clean whiteboards after meetings and make sure to replace unusable, dried-out markers.
  8. Conquer clutter by providing pen and paperclip holders that offer a place for needed supplies.
  9. Inspect and clean phone headsets, keyboards and other shared equipment.
  10. Provide strategically placed essentials that encourage users to clean up after themselves, such as paper towels and wipes near refreshment areas, and waste receptacles near corners of meeting tables.

Perry Office Plus can provide all of the supplies you need to keep your conference and meeting rooms clean: Air fresheners, waste cans and liners, furniture polish, glass and whiteboard cleaners, paper towels…even magazine racks and pencil cups!

How to put Electrical & Data Outlets Where Your Office Really Needs Them

The demand to accommodate the power and data connection needs of technology and mobile devices is growing rapidly. Perry Furniture Consultant Lea Goates shows us a variety of furniture products and accessories that help you get power where it’s needed most in your office.

1. Power to the DESKTOP!

Why here?

Multiple devices means more need for power at the desktop level. Connections at the work surface give office users the ability to charge up without having to crawl under a desk or whip out the power strips. Data isn’t as much of a concern here, thanks to the prevalence of wi-fi.

How to do it:

No longer do you need specially designed cubicle walls to get power to your desktop. “Existing workstations can be retrofitted with electrical accessories like powered grommets, or under-surface outlets,” Lea says. “Our team at Perry is doing this type of installation all the time now, but some products can even be added by the DIY type in an office.”

ECA Seclusion

ECA Seclusion offers the ability to add power plugs just under the work surface.

HON Flush Grommet Mount (HGRMTAC) provides power at the desktop level.

HON power grommet can be added to nearly any work surface.

2. Power (& Data) to the CONFERENCE ROOM!

Why here?

These spaces are becoming more high-tech with video-sharing capabilities as companies move away from whiteboards and projectors and begin adopting large monitors.

How to do it:

Media tables like the SurfaceWorks Rapport incorporate power and data bays where laptops can be easily plugged in and presentations shared:


The ECA Marina collaborative meeting solution offers easy access to a combination of power receptacles, optional data capabilities, and USB charging ports, while allowing up to 4 users to share ideas on one screen with the push of a “Show Me” button. And it all is packaged inside a recessed storage compartment:

ECA Marina


Why here?

Lea explains, “These spaces are increasing in popularity as workers are toting their devices with them and having impromptu meetings with colleagues.”

How to do it:

From tables to seating, furniture that integrates power into break room, lounge, or creative sharing areas is becoming the norm.

The Allsteel Further Hub can be soft- or hard-wired into floor outlets and has configurable faceplates:

Allsteel Further Hub

Integrate your power into soft seating for power where you park, such as Allsteel Rise and JSI Connect Lounge:

Allsteel Rise

JSI Connect Lounge Seating


Why here?

Sometimes you need to get power where there is no power! “Sometimes people will ignore a potentially useful part of their office simply because there is no power available,” Lea says.

How to do it:

Here are a couple of ideas for your wide open spaces, such as an “on-floor” power system or portable power station. On-floor or In-carpet systems from Connectrac keep wires out of site and power where it’s handy. They’re extremely durable and flexible, they comply with the ADA and offer a multitude of power alternatives and telecom capabilities. Learn more about Connectrac here:


Portables like the ECA Drifter give you a plug where there was none before. :

ECA Drifter

So… Where do you need power?

Call the Perry Office Plus Furniture Department for a free consultation about your power and data needs, and what solutions might be available for your space. The Perry Office Plus furniture team is well-versed in installing power accessories but we can also help you determine what’s available for the “DIY” type. Call (800) 234-6605 or email furniture@perryop.com.

Perry Office Plus: Your workday just got better!

5 Pieces of Office Furniture that Can Actually Multi-Task [ workspace matters ]

Does your office furniture multi-task?

Some cooks say that nothing in your kitchen should serve only one purpose because you end up with a cabinet full of “gadgets” that you rarely use. Multi-purpose tools save space, money – and sanity.

Our designers know office furniture is the same way, so they have a few tricks up their sleeves for when clients have a need for some “creative” space planning and budgeting. Here are some of their favorite “double-duty” ideas that save you space and money.

1. Storage Seating

This Hon Voi credenza has an upholstered seat added to the top so it doubles as a bench (and is a sneaky way to add a pop of color to your office, too). This one is in our very own Furniture Department at Perry Headquarters.
BONUS! Mobile pedestals under desks can roll out and save the space that a guest chair would normally use.

Perry HON Voi Storage Bench

2. Mobile Tables

Utilize small mobile tables to transform a training room to a conference room to a banquet room and back to a training room! These “Cruz” tables from Community are a great way to accomplish this, but many manufacturers offer these in different styles and finishes.

Cruz Mobile Tables by Community

3. Storage Islands

Create a cluster of bookcases, lateral files and storage cabinets of like sizes and pop on a countertop and… VOILA! – a storage island that doubles as a standing-height workstation. It also works as a great informal meeting area! Check out these HON Flagship islands in our Customer Service and Accounting Departments.

Perry Accounting Island HON Flagship

4. “Parking Spots”

Need a space for quick meetings or a workstation for mobile workers like salespeople? Combine lounge seats, tables, and mobile ottomans to create spaces that can be used as temporary offices or “landing spots”. The same space can be used for small group meetings, brainstorming sessions or break areas. Allsteel’s Gather collection has several examples of small meeting/work spaces.

Allsteel Gather Collection

5. Cubicles That Work Harder AND Smarter.

Many panel systems have accessories available that can boost privacy, space division, and storage space. We can easily add tool rails to a panel to store supplies. Turn one panel into a white board surface without trying to hang a bulky board. Now that’s a cube farm that will grow some productivity.

Panel Tools

Call our designers today to find out how they can help you solve your workspace dilemma. We’re here 8-5, Monday thru Friday: (800) 234-6605 or email furniture@perryop.com.

Bank’s New Leather Conference Room Set a Great Finishing Touch

First National Bank Texas needed a nice finishing touch for one of their conference rooms and this leather desk pad and coaster set was just the thing. Elegantly debossed with the bank’s logo, this 23-piece top-grain leather set included 10 17″ x 14″ conference pads, 12 4″ round coasters and a pad holder. See this set on our promos website>

While this set is top-grain leather, it is available in three different kinds of leather:

  1. Top-grain leather, an executive leather type characterized by its soft and supple feel, provides the most durability as it ages into perfection.
  2. Bonded leather is a 100% genuine leather like the top-grain, but is a little harder and slightly less durable.
  3. Leatherette is synthetic man-made leather with a grain that makes it hard to distinguish it from the genuine leather types.

A quality board room set like this not only equips your meetings for success but also makes a great impression with clients. Call us for recommendations for your conference room at 800-234-6605 or email promos@perryop.com!

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