10 Products that Make You Feel More Organized Just Looking at Them

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the office and looking to de-clutter and get organized? Here are 10 office products to inspire you to organized greatness!

12-Compartment Organizer with Mesh Drawers
Organize much? You’ll enjoy every one of the 12 drawers here.

Master Vision Magnetic Calendar Combo Board, 48 x 18
So much organization in a shorter height, perfect for underneath overhead storage or in a cubicle. Feels like the best way to start a day. Right after coffee.

Post-It Full Adhesive Roll
Use it as a note or label! The Super Sticky adhesive sticks securely and removes cleanly and the dispenser allows you to pull and cut the perfect length every time. You can use it as a sticky note to leave reminders and notes, or use it as a label to identify rooms, doors, supply baskets, tool boxes, shelves, tubs, and more. The full adhesive back means  it won’t peel up until you’re ready to remove it!

Safco White Mesh Organizer
Use it as an inbox, a to-do box, or to keep on-going projects close at hand. Five 1″ wide vertical sections hold file folders, slim binders, magazines and more, while three 1″ horizontal sections accommodate any letter-size document. How fresh and fun is that white, right?

HON Flaghship File Cabinet
At 30″ high, this multipurpose filing and storage cabinet can also double as part of your worksurface. Check out the link for other configurations. And don’t forget our Furniture Team can help you find just the right storage for your needs — just call 800-234-6605!

Smead Expanding Project Organizer
One of our favorites around the office — this has 10 pockets for keeping track of multiple projects — or multiple parts of a larger project. Keep track of project progress, contacts and notes, all in one place.

Pendaflex Assorted Clear Poly Index Folders
This 10-pack of file sleeves is a great way to put a visual with your ongoing projects. Durable poly folders have color-coded strips, plus white, write-on tab at top for color-coded organization.

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer
Save desk space by utilizing often overlooked wall space! The six cascading pockets are removable to make viewing and access to documents easy, and an elastic cord closure allows you to contract all the pockets and secure them for transport. Bonus: It adds a pop of color to your workspace!

Safco Onyx Mesh Mobile File
Ever wish you could roll that file cabinet out of the way? This a great option, with two supply drawers, a file drawer, a top shelf, and sturdy casters to keep you rolling through your day.

Dymo LabelManager 500TS
Now THAT’S a label maker! This touchscreen, handheld label has a full-color screen that allows you to easily change fonts, format text, and add graphics to your customized labels. Compatible with labels from 1/4″ to 1″ widths, you’ve got a lot of options for getting everything labeled and in its place.

Shop the Perry Office Plus website at perryop.com for many more organization tools and supplies!

Special Report: 4 New Furniture Trends from NeoCon 2016

In June, the Perry Furniture team visited the NeoCon market in Chicago for North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. These are some of the trends that stood out to us this year and a few examples of each.

See something that interests you or a style you want to emulate? Call us for details: (254) 778-4755

1. Residential Furniture for Commercial Spaces

Get cozy at work with a more comfortable, laid back type of furniture. Modernize your office while maintaining a classic feel.

Bourne Collection from JSI

Bourne Collection from JSI

Hugh Dining collection by Grand Rapids

Hugh Dining collection by Grand Rapids

Tablo Chair paired with Grove Totem end table from Darran

Tablo Chair paired with Grove Totem end table from Darran

Ala chair by Cabot Wrenn

Ala chair by Cabot Wrenn

2. Flexible Seating

As office spaces are becoming more multi-functional, the chairs we use in them are following suit. Whether you’re working, meeting, eating, leaning, or thinking, these chairs can do it all, anywhere.

The nesting, multi-purpose Flirt Chair from Arcadia

The nesting, multi-purpose Flirt Chair from Arcadia

The spine-based, impromptu Kozmic seating by National

The spine-based, impromptu Kozmic seating by National

3. Personal Spaces in the Open Office

While workplaces are opening up and becoming more collaborative with few private offices, there is still the occasional need for personal breaks and semi-private conversations. These new products can help offer some division without adding walls.

Reflect from Allsteel

Reflect from Allsteel

Co-op by Arcadia

Co-op by Arcadia

Co-op by Arcadia

Co-op by Arcadia

4. Clothing-Inspired Upholstery

Clothing textiles like wool, tweed, and soft-suiting type materials are the latest in upholstery trends, which can lend an element of familiarity and comfort to otherwise sterile work environments.

Kimono collection by Mayer

Kimono collection by Mayer

Tickled Herring & more by HBF Textiles

Tickled Herring & more by HBF Textiles

New & Notable!


Concinnity Desking from Hon

Concinnity Desking from Hon

This laminate series offers more storage options and design details than we’ve ever seen from Hon and we are excited about it. Concinnity blends distinctive design elements with a versatile collection of desk and storage components.


Equity from Neutral Posture

This system product has nearly unlimited options for fabric, colors and customization. Equity’s centerline modularity allows for simplified planning, spatial economy and design flexibility. The 90° and 120° planning provide added options for open plan layouts.



Can’t help but mention this wild new product: BuzziJungle really pushes the boundaries of the traditional meeting space. Various elements within the structure provide an opportunity for different interactions within the “jungle”. You can climb, lounge and meet in the elevated work-lounge space made from lacquered steel.

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3 Tips for a Great Break Room from our Makeover Contest

Break rooms are a frequently overlooked space.  Break areas are intended to provide a mental and physical break from the daily grind.  By offering a few essential items, you will quickly see a difference in your employees’ productivity and satisfaction.

Connally Junior High near Waco, Texas won our “Break Room Makeover” contest in fall 2015 and Perry Office Plus installed the furniture over their Christmas break as a surprise for the teachers and staff when they returned in 2016.

Here are 3 tips to take away from their makeover.

1. Create a visual distinction from the rest of the office.

For employees to be able to fully separate from their workspace and decompress, the break room should not just be an extension of the office.

The Connally Junior High principal had the break room painted a bright green to differentiate the space from the rest of the school and give staff a change of scenery during the day. When employees return to work, they will start fresh, and productivity will substantially increase.


“The new lounge is comfortable and provides a multipurpose setting for relaxing and work with colleagues,” said CJH employee Elaine Menefee.

2. Create more than just a place to eat.

A break room is more than just a place to eat lunch or grab a snack, but also a place to socialize. CJH took this to heart, and removed some existing cabinets to provide space for a small lounge area. HON Flock lounge chairs are great for reading or lounging, and a Flock occasional table has a powered port where teachers can plug in devices, in case they want to work away from their desk.

The Flock bar-height table and Motivate flexible-back plastic stools (both from HON) were used to create a community environment that encourages interaction.

After - Lounge Chairs

Mecca Perkins from CJH said, “The atmosphere is relaxing and provides us with a retreat from the hectic environment we work in throughout the day.”


After - Table & Stools

CJH’s Melissa Holt said, “Our new lounge is very modern and makes us feel like we work in a professional atmosphere.”

3. Call in a professional.

Our designer offered suggestions for styles, materials and layouts that would provide the best possible atmosphere. Rely on the experience of a designer or one of our furniture consultants to provide options and solutions that suit your staff, your organization, and your budget. Call us at (800) 234-6605 or visit our project portfolio.

Here are the “before” images of their teacher lounge — what a difference!


2016 HON Furniture Preview: New Products, Discontinuations, Price Changes

Upcoming Discontinuations

Manufacturers continuously improve and refresh their solutions, and occasionally, the need arises for certain products, fabrics and finishes to be discontinued. Effective January 2, 2016, the following laminate and veneer finishes are being dropped from the HON product line. However, suggested substitutes can help match current furniture as needed.

• Columbian Walnut Laminate and Veneer. Suggested Substitute: Mocha
• Henna Cherry Laminate and Veneer. Suggested Substitute: Cognac
• Harbor Teak Laminate and Veneer. Suggested Substitute: Pinnacle
• Shadow Laminate. Suggested Substitute:  Grey Tigris

See HON product discontinuations >

Upcoming Price Increases

Based on market analysis and the life-cycle management of HON’s product portfolio, HON will be implementing a price adjustment effective January 1, 2016 on HON and basyx by HON branded products. The average adjustment for the most popular models will be 1.8%. Some products will be adjusted up to 2.9%. Prices are NOT changing for several popular items in these lines: Ignition seating, Endorse® seating, Nucleus® seating, 10500 Series™ Desking, 10700 Series™ Desking, Brigade® lateral files, Accelerate panels and most systems worksurfaces.

To lock in 2015 prices for your next project, orders must be placed before the end of the year. Contact us in the Perry Office Plus Furniture Department at (800) 234-6605 to get started or ask questions.

Recent New Products 

We have seen the introduction of several new furniture products and improvements this year and expect these to really be some of the more popular items in 2016.

HON Soothe™ Healthcare Seating

Designed specifically for healthcare environments, the Soothe collection maximizes comfort along the patient’s journey to recovery, enhances functionality for the caregiver, and creates the versatility required to deliver a higher level of care. The collection includes a specialty Recliner with a wide range of options, Patient Chairs that are comfortable, responsive and easy to clean, and coordinating Side Tables. Learn more on hon.com >

HON Height Adjustable Table Bases

You can now incorporate standing-height worksurfaces into any space, as they are designed to work with any HON worksurface to give anyone in workstations and private offices a much-needed change of pace and posture. The 3-stage column design makes the bases ideal for supporting a variety of users and work styles. Learn more on hon.com >

HON Accelerate

Design features for the this newest systems furniture from HON include thin profile glass panels, personal storage elements and a variety of worksurface options, all working together. The clear, frosted, or frameless glass and tackable or nontackable fabric panel stackers deliver privacy while providing access to natural light. Accelerate is designed to accommodate multiple configurations through a single solution and the optimized selection and versatile 72″ panels use fewer parts, making it simple to plan, order, install and reconfigure. Learn more on hon.com >


What are your plans for 2016? We want to help! Reach out at (800) 234-6605 or email us at furniture@perryop.com.

Check out our online Furniture Project Gallery and see what we can do for your space >

HON Company shares Vintage Office Furniture Photos & Facts

HON’s post on their blog, Forward, today is a great #throwbackthursday look at some vintage offices and what office life was like back in the day. If your office furniture still looks anything like these old photos, be sure to give us a call! 😉

Check out the post on HON’s Forward>

Standardized Seating: Why It Might Work for Your Office

What is Chair Standardization?

Standardizing your seating means using the same chair “family” across your entire organization. One chair may come in a task chair, guest chair, stool, and executive style, allowing one type of chair to be used in all the different spaces in your office.

Nucleus is a line of seating from HON that is available as an ergonomic work chair, multi-purpose stacking chair, and elegant café-height chairs. As you can see, a variety of options are possible. Learn more about HON Nucleus >

Nucleus is a line of seating from HON that is available as an ergonomic work chair, multi-purpose stacking chair, and elegant café-height chairs. As you can see, a variety of options are possible. Learn more about HON Nucleus >


Why Should Your Office Consider Standardizing Your Seating?

Marketing likes standardized seating because it creates a cohesive, attractive appearance throughout your office, and even throughout multiple locations. You can build your company’s visual brand with a unified look in all your offices.

Management likes standardized seating because it saves company time — employees don’t have to make any decisions about the type of chairs. Once the decision has been made it is easy to place repeat orders as needed.

Accounting likes standardized seating because it’s easy to manage the life cycle of the chair. Most chairs that we sell have warranties that match up with the depreciation cycle of capital expenditure, so it’s not time to get a new chair until the old one is fully depreciated. Plus, there are fewer surprises on the bill; Planned spending is convenient and less costly.

Employees like standardized seating because they can still get the comfort and many of the customization options they want. Many chairs are designed to be adjusted for people of all body types – from the 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male. A chair like this can be adjusted to almost all of your employees and most can be offered with or without arms, and in a variety of upholstery.

3 Things to Consider When Standardizing Your Office Seating

  1. Personal preference or special needs. Employees may not like the chair you choose to standardize on. Many of our ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to most body sizes and types, so this can be avoided in most cases, but occasionally there may be a person with special needs or they simply don’t like the chair.
    How We Can Help: Our furniture team offers in-office chair demonstrations and test drive options to help you get employee buy-in, before you buy.
  2. Discontinued chair models or fabrics. This is very rare, but does occasionally pose an issue.
    How We Can Help: We usually have good notice when something like this will happen so we can help you plan ahead.
  3. Empowered employees. Some organizations want their staff to feel empowered to choose their own chair.
    How We Can Help: We’ll help you narrow the selection to a few chairs and some predetermined fabrics. With even limited options, the team still gets to choose, all while staying within company guidelines.

Need help getting started on a standardization plan? Your Perry Office Plus Furniture Consultant can help: (800) 234-6605

How to put Electrical & Data Outlets Where Your Office Really Needs Them

The demand to accommodate the power and data connection needs of technology and mobile devices is growing rapidly. Perry Furniture Consultant Lea Goates shows us a variety of furniture products and accessories that help you get power where it’s needed most in your office.

1. Power to the DESKTOP!

Why here?

Multiple devices means more need for power at the desktop level. Connections at the work surface give office users the ability to charge up without having to crawl under a desk or whip out the power strips. Data isn’t as much of a concern here, thanks to the prevalence of wi-fi.

How to do it:

No longer do you need specially designed cubicle walls to get power to your desktop. “Existing workstations can be retrofitted with electrical accessories like powered grommets, or under-surface outlets,” Lea says. “Our team at Perry is doing this type of installation all the time now, but some products can even be added by the DIY type in an office.”

ECA Seclusion

ECA Seclusion offers the ability to add power plugs just under the work surface.

HON Flush Grommet Mount (HGRMTAC) provides power at the desktop level.

HON power grommet can be added to nearly any work surface.

2. Power (& Data) to the CONFERENCE ROOM!

Why here?

These spaces are becoming more high-tech with video-sharing capabilities as companies move away from whiteboards and projectors and begin adopting large monitors.

How to do it:

Media tables like the SurfaceWorks Rapport incorporate power and data bays where laptops can be easily plugged in and presentations shared:


The ECA Marina collaborative meeting solution offers easy access to a combination of power receptacles, optional data capabilities, and USB charging ports, while allowing up to 4 users to share ideas on one screen with the push of a “Show Me” button. And it all is packaged inside a recessed storage compartment:

ECA Marina


Why here?

Lea explains, “These spaces are increasing in popularity as workers are toting their devices with them and having impromptu meetings with colleagues.”

How to do it:

From tables to seating, furniture that integrates power into break room, lounge, or creative sharing areas is becoming the norm.

The Allsteel Further Hub can be soft- or hard-wired into floor outlets and has configurable faceplates:

Allsteel Further Hub

Integrate your power into soft seating for power where you park, such as Allsteel Rise and JSI Connect Lounge:

Allsteel Rise

JSI Connect Lounge Seating


Why here?

Sometimes you need to get power where there is no power! “Sometimes people will ignore a potentially useful part of their office simply because there is no power available,” Lea says.

How to do it:

Here are a couple of ideas for your wide open spaces, such as an “on-floor” power system or portable power station. On-floor or In-carpet systems from Connectrac keep wires out of site and power where it’s handy. They’re extremely durable and flexible, they comply with the ADA and offer a multitude of power alternatives and telecom capabilities. Learn more about Connectrac here:


Portables like the ECA Drifter give you a plug where there was none before. :

ECA Drifter

So… Where do you need power?

Call the Perry Office Plus Furniture Department for a free consultation about your power and data needs, and what solutions might be available for your space. The Perry Office Plus furniture team is well-versed in installing power accessories but we can also help you determine what’s available for the “DIY” type. Call (800) 234-6605 or email furniture@perryop.com.

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