Put Some Sparkle in Your Promos: 6 Imprinted Items to Dazzle Your Audience

A growing trend in the promotional products industry is the addition of glitter, sparkle, light, or other shimmering elements that helps your gift stand out from the crowd. Here are some of our favorites. Reach out to us if you take a ‘shine’ to any of these radiant ideas — we’ll help you get more ‘bling’ for your buck!

Reusable Glitter Tote Bag

This glitter-finish non-woven, polypropylene tote is a fun spin on the traditional grocery tote. It would make a fabulous addition to any event where you want to make a bold, flashy statement! Perfect for a women’s conference or swanky swag bag.

Illusion Sparkle Water Bottle

This 17 oz. vacuum-insulated, double wall stainless steel bottles are designed to have an ‘illusion’ effect, showing two color shifts as light hits the coating from various angles. Available in Green/Blue, Purple/Blue, and Orange/Magenta. Sure to compliment any luxury or beauty brand, or makes a bold great sideline statement for teams and clubs.

22oz Cool Gear Pop Lights

These 22 oz. Single wall Eastman Tritan™ plastic party bottle features LED lights that create a unique illuminated 3D effect for your imprint! The 8 rotating color light modes and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. Includes 3 AAA Batteries and leak resistant flip cap. Light up the night with this amazing drinkware!

Mood Sparkle Pencil

Mood pencils change color by the heat of your hand, but these don’t just change, they sparkle! Perfect for holidays, trade shows, kid events, and awareness days! Choose from Green To Yellow, Orange to Yellow, Blue to White, Purple to Pink, Dark Red to Orange, or Black to White.

Custom Glitter or Glow Tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are a favorite at many events — and now you can add a glitter effect or even a glow-in-the-dark option to really put a spotlight on your brand!

Sequin-Embroidered Apparel

This is a unique way to give your branded apparel a special sparkle! This decoration technique uses sequins to create attractive logo designs. Once a layout is complete, it is digitized in a sequin dot format. The design is then created by embroidering sequins directly onto the garment. Add it to shirts or hats for a wide variety of uses.

Perry Office Plus can help create the flashy promotional gift or giveaway you’re looking for! Visit our website at perryop.com/promos, call (800) 234-6605, or email promos@perryop.com for more information!

Branded Cleaning Products that will Promote Your Business for the Next Six Months

Health & safety promotional products are statistically kept by the recipient for six months. That’s six months of brand exposure for your business while being associated with a helpful, healthful item. These items are appreciated by germaphobes, parents, busy travellers, and professionals of all ages.

Here are three categories of cleaning and hygiene products that make great imprinted gifts and giveaways.

Household Tools

From a useful dish or veggie scrubber, to a handy duster, household and kitchen cleaning tools are popular advertising. Farmers markets love these, and tech and security companies can show clients how they can “scrub” data or “clean up” a network.

We love this Frizzy Hand Duster for a fun gift in bright colors. It’s a fun promo for professional organizers or cleaning companies. Even an accountant can help you “dust off the books” for a clean tax season!

You can even bundle items together for a real impact. The Clean Up Kit comes with a duster, scrubber, apron, and tote bag — all with your logo printed on them.

Tech Cleaners

You’ve probably heard about the studies that show our cell phones and devices are filthy and covered in germs like E. coli, influenza, and MRSA. Help your prospects and customers keep germs at bay with a handy promotional tech tool, such as phone sanitizer spray. A perfect giveaway for health professionals, tech companies, or sales teams.

For quick wipes, a full-color microfiber cleaning cloth is a great way to make a splash — you can make yours a map, a calendar of events, or just a beautiful photo. For on-the-go types, get a cloth kept in a convenient key tag.

At the office, a keyboard brush can be a handy tool and a way to remind your customers you’ll help sweep away their problems.

For intense cleaning power, a UV phone sanitizer makes a great high-end gift for your heavy tech users. It makes the perfect thank-you gift for top clients, sales reps, and partners.

Personal Items

Promotional personal hygiene and cleaning items are handy tools for almost anyone in your audience. Health professionals, eye care providers, and even laundry services can use these giveaways!

A simple lens cleaner spray is unique and helpful. A stain remover pen is something people will keep at the office or in the car.

Hand soap sheets are perfect for camping, hiking, and travelling — they create suds when mixed with water, without the hassle of a liquid — perfect for frequent flyers!


Need more ideas for putting a polish on your next promotion or event? With thousands of items available, our Promotional Consultant can provide recommendations that meet your timeline, budget, and audience. Contact us today: (800) 234-6605 or promos@perryop.com

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8 Gifts for Your Messy Co-worker (or the Office Neat Freak)

Need some ideas for the co-worker or friend who always has a clutter-covered desk, and just can’t seem to get it together? Or maybe your cube-mate is intensely tidy and appreciates gifts that help them stay that way. Here are 8 great ideas (and you can get them all from Perry Office Plus):

1. Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Trackers

Perfect for the person who misplaces everything! This set of 2 Bluetooth tracking tags use a free app to locate anything it’s attached to. Shop on perryop.com (SMD02218)

2. Grip-A-Strip Display Rail, 12 x 1 1/2, Aluminum Finish

This streamlined alternative to bulletin boards lets you display important papers, posters and other items up to 1/8″ thick, without the need of tacks, pins or tape that can get lost. Shop on perryop.com (AVT1025)

3. Bankers Box Premiere 6-Piece Organization Kit

This lightweight kit contains one eight-compartment sorter, one four-compartment organizer, one three-drawer organizer with bin and three magazine files. Made of corrugated cardboard with 60% recycled content. Shop now on perryop.com (FEL7647801)

4. Smead Project Organizer

This multi-pocket organizer includes pre-printed templates for optimal organization and project planning! Shop on perryop.com (SMD89200)

5. Dotz Cord Catcher

Keep charging cords from dropping behind desk or workstation. Holds up to four cords in two channel sizes. Weighted, non-stick silicone base grips to surface without leaving residue. Shop at perryop.com (PRBDCC40MCK)



6. Monitor Riser

Puts your monitor at a comfortable height, plus it has a mini sorter and accessory tray on the top shelf (or you can use them separately). Shop at perryop.com (FEL8037401)

Justick Bulletin Board by Smead

7. Smead Justick Bulletin Board

With just 4 batteries, this bulletin board uses an electric charge to hold items — no pins or magnets, since you know, those get lost pretty easily. Watch the brief video on this great new line of products. Ask your Perry Office Plus rep about it today!

HON Flagship Mobile Pedestal with Seat Cushion Top

8. Mobile File Pedestal with Seat Cushion

Store, move, sit… Add the optional seat cushion top to the HON Flagship mobile pedestal and you’ve got a multi-purpose piece of furniture that will roll away under a worksurface, serve as an extra seat (or stacking area, for the stacking types), and has plenty of room to keep files and other items off your desk. Contact the Perry Office Plus Furniture team for a quote!

3 Keys to Encouraging Healthy Habits with Branded Products

Is your target audience a health-conscious crowd? Are you considering a wellness program to help improve the overall health of your staff? Branded products are a great way to make a connection with either audience. However, there are some important factors when choosing a promotional product for your health-focused campaign.

portion control lunch kit1. Make it useful.

The more useful the item, the more likely it is to be kept, used, and seen repeatedly. So increase your ROI with useful items like these:


2. Choose something attractive.

Any promotional item is more desirable if it’s got a cool, trendy look.


3. Don’t skimp on quality.

A throw-away item will end up just that, while a quality fitness product will have staying power.


50 Items to Imprint for Staff or Client Gifts

Stuck for ideas for a great gift for your top clients, hardworking staff, or valued team members? Whether it’s a milestone gift, or an end-of-year ‘thank you’, here are 50 things you can brand for your organization’s next gift-giving occasion.

5 Food Gift Ideas

1. Branded tin filled with treats

2. Baked goods with your logo on them

3. Branded chocolates (like these Bite Size Belgian Chocolate Squares)

4. Healthy snacks in branded bags (trail mix, nuts, granola, dried fruit)

fusion5. Get a basket of goodies from a local eatery and add a beautiful branded ribbon


5 Health & Wellness Gift Ideas

1. Branded fitness tracker

2. Lunch cooler

3. Fruit infuser water bottle

4. Gym bag

5. Salad container


5 Outdoor Gift Ideas

1. Multi-Tool

multitool2. Folding chair

3. Wind-proof golf umbrella

4. LED flashlight or lantern

5. Picnic basket


5 Executive & Luxury Gift Ideas

1. 20 oz Stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler

2. Deluxe bath or beach towel

3. Custom adirondack chair

4. Set of branded golf balls

5. Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray Set


10 Tech Gift Ideas

1. Perfect Tech Kit (10 tech accessories in a stylish case)

hub2. Power Bank

3. Bluetooth speaker

4. USB drive – unique & custom shapes available!

5. A handy USB hub with your logo

6. Set of quality earbuds

7. Stylus pen

8. On-the-go Tech Kit

9. Phone Soap Charger & Sanitizer

10. Microfiber cleaning cloth


10 Office Accessories

lunch1. Stylish desktop organizer

2. Cell phone stand

3. Perpetual calendar

4. Padfolio with your debossed logo

5. Classy glass candy jar – fill it yourself or add their favorite!

6. Stainless steel tumbler

7. Handy notebook

8. Sticky note dispenser

9. Desk calendar

10. Neoprene Lunch Bag


ornaments 10 Christmas & Holiday-Themed Gift Ideas

1. Christmas ornaments: Maybe one made of plantable seed paper?

2. Sweet & cozy hot chocolate kit

3. Christmas cards

5. This adorable “sweater mug”

6. Stuffed mascot

7. Plush embroidered blanket

8. Cookie cutters

9. Snowscape Card – make your own snow with this mailable kit!

10. Stocking – Stuff it full and give it away!


Overwhelmed? Inspired? Either way, let’s get started on your next gift. Call me at 800.234.6605 or email me at promos@perryop.com

How to Use Halloween as a Marketing Opportunity

Aside from Christmas, Halloween is the biggest holiday for consumer spending, and the affordability of promotional Halloween giveaways like trick-or-treat bags, make it possible for even the smallest of companies to get noticed.

Halloween Promos By Perry

Market: Trick-Or-Treaters

  • Hand out imprinted treat bags ahead of the holiday for “ToTs” to use. Consider adding a coupon on the bag itself for return business.
  • How about a logo’d pumpkin carving spoon? You can hand them out at your very own pumpkin carving contest!
  • Reflective safety accessories are a great way to help keep trick-or-treaters safe and get your logo noticed.
  • Even an imprinted flashlight is a welcome gift that will be kept and used again.

Market: Community Events

  • Add your brand to a local event using fun nighttime promotional products.
  • Plastic light-up drinkware or glow-in-the-dark accessories are always a hit at clubs & parties.
  • Get your promos in the hands of folks coming out of haunted houses and it will be a fun souvenir.

Market: Customers and Prospects

  • Go “reverse trick-or-treating” by going door-to-door to your customers and giving them a container of candy to give out. Put it in a custom imprinted bag, box, or even a reusable candy jar for maximum impact.
  • Send your prospective customers a Halloween-themed stress ball to let them know you want to help with their “scariest” problems!

Need more ideas for a cool Halloween promotion? Give me a call or email me today:

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Consultant
Perry Office Plus
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Adult Coloring Books: Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Adult Coloring Book with Imprint Space for Your Logo

This creative outlet is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Release your inner artist by adding your creative touch to 12 beautifully rendered designs, accompanied by inspirational messages. Click to see all the different editions to customize your campaign.

Kids’ coloring books with spaces for a logo have been available for years, but we are now seeing a vast array of books designed for the adult set, each designed to relieve stress and promote creativity. Some are even accompanied by inspirational messages.

From flowers, birds and animals, to intricate unique designs, these “grown-up” or adult coloring books are a wildly popular trend that has media reporting its stress-busting benefits. Retail versions have been listed as best-sellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now you can get in on this trend by adding your logo to adult coloring books! Why?

  • Ability to engage and hold attention.
  • Promotes a healthy habit, relaxation, and creativity.
  • Wide audience and suitable in many different industries.
  • Used and kept for weeks, if not months.
  • Some people post their completed designs online.
  • Cost per impression is low when you weigh potential exposure against product price.

The main purpose of these coloring books is for relaxation, so they will fit into any campaign that is promoting mental health, wellness and relaxation.

  • Promoting healthy habits in health care
  • Assisted living center welcome gifts
  • Keeping minds active in Senior Centers
  • Encouragement in rehab programs
  • Recruiting for Colleges & Universities
  • Encouraging high school students to take a break from your phone
  • Fun for corporate team building seminars & workshops
  • Motivation for wellness programs
  • Build awareness for nonprofits or use as donor gifts
  • A perfect way for resorts and attractions to help patrons remember a vacation

You can even use these coloring books as part of a contest! For example, a wellness program focused on stress management could prompt participants to turn in their colored designs for prizes.

This unique promotional product is sure to light up the faces and pique the interest of your recipients. Contact me today to get some recommendations on the right coloring book for your campaign or event!

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Consultant
Perry Office Plus
(254) 778-4755 x 112

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