10 Ideas for Marketing Your Business at an Outdoor Event


Here are some quick tips on getting some exposure for your brand, business, or organization at the next outdoor event:

1. Be VISIBLE! Razor flags [like this one] stand out in a crowded space and can be a great branding tool

2. Offer something immediately USEFUL like a hat, bottled water, or snack.

3. If it’s a warm day, make your guests more COMFORTABLE with a cooling towel, sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray, or hand sanitizer. This kit hits many notes >

4. If it’s a PET-FRIENDLY event, add a watering station for four-legged guests to entice pet parents into your space. Check out these other pet-related giveaway ideas >

5. Giveaways with a “HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE”, like T-shirts or tech items, are always coveted by attendees.

6. For evening outdoor events, a LIGHT-UP giveaway can make your space the cool place to be. This one is sound-activated, perfect for music events!

7. A unique GAME is always a hit — consider a Plinko-style drop game, golf putt, or cornhole hole game. There are a wide variety of booth games you can add a logo to!

8. Outdoor events are often more relaxed, so you can be SILLY and hand out goofy headwear or wacky promotional toys or Frisbee-style flyers.

9. Make sure your MESSAGE or BRAND is the focus of your space — your logo and website should be on every element. Here’s a way to add branding to your plain outdoor tent >

10. Incorporate a CALL TO ACTION on your giveaways. Adding a coupon or special offer to a promotional item makes it more likely to be kept.

BONUS TIP: Make your booth “viral” with an awesome photo opportunity! These cut-out banners make it easy for your visitors to snap a funny photo with your branding and share it with friends on social media, multiplying your exposure! Other cut-out options available, just ask us!

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7 Promotional Items that are Perfect for Tailgating and Football Season (and 1 Extra Point)

Whether you’re taking advantage of the crowds at a tailgating event, or just offering giveaways that appeal to the sports fan, these are 7 you might not have thought of yet.

1. Drinkware & Accessories

From Koozies and  bottle openers, to reusable party cups and tumblers, these items will be kept and used again and again!

2. Hats

Color-coordinate your hat with team colors and get the die-hard fans pumped up and willing to wear your brand all year long!

3. Noisemakers & Spirit Items

There are plenty of ways to jump on the team bandwagon — temporary tattoos, inflatable noisemakers, pom-poms and more!

4. Sunblock & Sunglasses

It might be “fall”, but the sun is still shining at these games. Branded sunblock and imprinted sunglasses make a great giveaway.

5. Rally Towels

Show your team spirit by handing sports fans a great rally towel with your logo!

6. Folding Chairs

These folding Captain’s chairs make great raffle prizes and will be used year-round at outdoor events, camp sites, beaches, and family reunions.

7. Clear Totes

Many stadiums require the contents of a bag to be visible. You can add your logo and give recipients a useful see-through tote!

Extra Point: Hosting a space at tailgating or outdoor event? Here are a couple tips:

A branded bean bag toss (“corn hole”) or similar game is a fun way to occupy guests at your event while putting your brand front-and-center.

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Trade Show Booth Games: 3 Things to Help Make them More Effective

Check out these ideas for trade show booth games!
All these can be branded with your logo, and you can add
your own prizes to the slots, using your own printer.

Not getting much from your trade show booth? Consider using a game to entice visitors to stop in and hear your pitch. Games generate buzz at an event, and get you a great return on your trade show investment.

1. “Pay” to Play!

Whether you get a business card, newsletter sign up, or being willing to hear a short pitch before they play, it’s a good idea to have a “price” to play the game or enter the giveaway. You’ll come away from your event with a larger prospect list.

2. For difficult games, offer consolation prizes.

If your game requires some skill like a Bean Bag Toss [shop bean bag toss games], or has a low chance of winning, offer a higher-end prize for winners, and less expensive gifts to say “thanks for playing”. They won’t walk away empty handed, AND they’ll have something branded to remember you by.

Higher end gifts might include:

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Flashlights
  • Mobile power banks
  • Stainless steel water bottles

Consolation gifts might look like:

  • Plastic tumblers
  • Hand sanitizer sprays
  • Inexpensive sunglasses
  • Good quality pens

The same logic applies if you’re wanting to keep your costs down, but want to have an enticing game. For example, if you’re using a Prize Wheel [ shop prize wheels ], you could have a limited number of space with the higher end gifts and several with less costly items.

3. Capitalize on the “onlookers” with booth branding.

A crowd will often form around exciting games like a Prize Drop (commonly known as Plinko) [shop plinko games] or golf putt. Make sure the onlookers know who you are, even if you don’t get the chance to speak with them individually.

  • Brand your booth with stand-up banners, table covers, and easy-to-read signage.
  • Include displays with great images and benefits of working with you.
  • Place professionally printed materials near the front or corners of your booth.
  • Brand your game! Most games have the option for pre-printed graphics, or optional graphics you can create with your own printer.

No matter your industry, games are a great way to engage event attendees, and we can help you select the products to make it work.

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10 Imprinted Trade Show Giveaways that Attendees will Actually Keep

When your goal is to give your event attendees something that will stay with them and remind them of your brand — and it usually is, right? — you have to think strategically. These are categories to consider for your next trade show giveaway.

Electronics: Depending on the audience, a gadget not only gets attention, but is more likely to be kept than a pen. Consider a Mobile Device Charger or an LED Flashlight!

Mobile Device Charger

Light-Up Items: Something flashy is always a fun thing that attendees will carry around with them at the show and often keep for a while afterward. Consider bouncy Super Blinking Balls or these fun Flashing Rings.

Useful Conference/Trade Show Products: If your audience is the conference-going type, a handy padfolio, note pad, or bag is a great option with staying power. Keep it high-quality, as this crowd doesn’t like junk. Consider a Clear Value Note Pad, or a Wheeled Duffel Bag.

Useful for the Office: When attendees go home from the trade show or event, send them with something that would be a great addition to their desk, or helpful to have in their commute. Depending on your audience, add your logo to an Branded Adhesive Note Cube, a classy Wall or Appointment Calendar, or even a handy Lunch Cooler!

Oh… and don’t forget T-shirts! 😉 Can’t go wrong with Gildan.


The bottom line? Make it useful, fun, or unique and recipients will hang on to your logod items for much longer. That means more ad impressions and brand awareness for you!

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25 Promotional Products to Consider for Your Conference Event

Planning a conference or seminar? Here is a list of supplies and promotional tools to consider for your event. Can I make some personalized recommendations for your specific event?

A handy notebook is always helpful at a conference!

Custom Signage

Get everyone where they need to go and keep your branding top-of-mind:

  • Welcome banners
  • Directional signage to guide attendees throughout the venue
  • Stage branding, such as backdrops or flags
  • Sponsor signage
  • Branded Tablecloths [Featured Item: Convertible Table Throw]
  • Stand-up Signage with schedule of events, maps, or event sponsors

Branded Attendee Supplies

Add your event’s, sponsor’s, or organization’s logo to one or more of these items to share with attendees:

The Perfect Tech Gift set includes eight of the hottest tech items in the market, each imprinted with your branding. Mix and match colors for perfect customization!

Branded Premium Giveaways

Give your attendees a step up from the typical event freebie:

  • Mobile tech (Thumb Drives, Portable chargers, Bluetooth Speakers)
  • Drinkware (Tumblers, Travel Mugs, Color-Changing Cups)
  • Apparel (Shirts, Caps, Accessories)
  • Umbrellas
  • Thermal bags
  • Backpacks

VIP Gifts

Whether you’re honoring, thanking, or awarding:

  • Recognition Awards (Acrylic, Wood, Crystal)
  • Door Prizes
  • Thank-You Gifts for Sponsors, Vendors, and Presenters

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3 Reasons to Use an Imprinted Tablecloth at Your Next Event

A tablecloth with your logo is a great way to brand yourself at an event or trade show. Here are a few of the benefits:

1. Professional Appearance… with Branding!

Get a polished look with the added benefit of high-quality branding, even from a distance. An imprinted table throw is a great way to show you’re an organization that cares about quality. It gives a great impression (especially when seen next to booths that don’t have one).

Prosper Waco Imprinted Table Throw

2. Easy to Take & Use, No Extra Space Needed!

A table throw is lightweight, and easy to put in place. Even when space is tight, you’ll always have a branded element in your booth, where a bulky banner or signage might be challenging to fit in, and even more of a pain to lug around.

Table Throw

3. A Wide Range of Options for Every Need

Our table throws come in a wide variety of styles and with multiple imprint options. From a single color imprint, to a full color logo, we can match almost any color and get the right look for your brand and event. Get it in a fitted or draped style, depending on your desired look. And here’s a real Pro Tip: If you attend a variety of events that use differing table sizes, a convertible table throw can adjust from a 6-foot table to an 8-foot in just a few simple steps, right on the spot. Voila! One throw to suit any event.

Fitted Table Throw

This video shows how the convertible table throw works:

Here are 3 of our best-selling Table Throws:

6 foot table throw6′ Standard Table Throw
Full-Color Thermal Imprint
$205 each
8 Foot Convertible Table Throw8′ Convertible Table Throw
Full-Color Thermal Imprint
$260 each
Fitted Table ThrowUltraFit Curve Table Throw
Full-Color, Full Bleed
$439 each

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Top 5 Ways to Use Imprinted Bags for Maximum Exposure

Bags make such a powerful promotional tool for your business with their popularity, reach, and effectiveness. These are the top ways we see promotional bags used in marketing, plus some tips for maximizing your promo bag ROI!

Tote bags for events

1. Events (Conferences, Sporting Events, & More)

“Who has the best bag at this conference?” Many trade show attendees are on the lookout for which exhibitor has the coolest, most useful bag. There’s a bag for any event: sports & races, seminars & conferences, and charity events. Give the people what they want — there’s something for every budget!

MAXIMIZE IT: As you hand out your bags at your booth, tell recipients they can use their new bag as their ticket to the VIP event you’re hosting. They’ll wag your bag all over the conference center, and you get a captive audience for further sales opportunities.

Imprinted Halloween Bags

2. Halloween Trick-or-Treating

These are sure to be kept for a few days while kids (and yes, parents) sort through their goodies. It’s a great way to put your name in your community.

MAXIMIZE IT: Put a coupon on your bag for the weeks following Halloween!

Plastic Bags

3. Literature & Sample Distribution

There are plastic door hanger bags, inexpensive totes you can use to distribute literature or samples — and then use as a leave-behind with your clients.

MAXIMIZE IT: Sponsor a community event and co-brand your bags with the event’s logo for a special keepsake bag attendees will want to hang on to.

Imprinted Gift Bags

4. Gift bags & Shopping Totes

Whether it’s a handy bag for your guests to use while shopping, or a luxe gift bag to hold their purchases, it’s priceless branding for your business.

MAXIMIZE IT: The higher quality bag, the more likely it will be used as a gift bag or re-used at home, keeping your name around even longer.

5. Car Litter Bags

Trash is a fact of life, and we tend to collect it in our vehicles more these days than ever. A branded litter bag is an inexpensive — yet useful — giveaway for automotive or cleaning businesses. If you want people to think of you while they’re en route, it’s a cheap way to go.

MAXIMIZE IT: Offer a discount to customers who have the bag in their car when they visit your business.

Need proof that bags work? Check out this video:

Let’s discuss your needs and we can recommend the right promotional bag for you: (800) 234-6605. Visit perryop.com/custom for an overview of our services.