10 Imprinted Trade Show Giveaways that Attendees will Actually Keep

When your goal is to give your event attendees something that will stay with them and remind them of your brand — and it usually is, right? — you have to think strategically. These are categories to consider for your next trade show giveaway.

Electronics: Depending on the audience, a gadget not only gets attention, but is more likely to be kept than a pen. Consider a Mobile Device Charger or an LED Flashlight!

Mobile Device Charger

Light-Up Items: Something flashy is always a fun thing that attendees will carry around with them at the show and often keep for a while afterward. Consider bouncy Super Blinking Balls or these fun Flashing Rings.

Useful Conference/Trade Show Products: If your audience is the conference-going type, a handy padfolio, note pad, or bag is a great option with staying power. Keep it high-quality, as this crowd doesn’t like junk. Consider a Clear Value Note Pad, or a Wheeled Duffel Bag.

Useful for the Office: When attendees go home from the trade show or event, send them with something that would be a great addition to their desk, or helpful to have in their commute. Depending on your audience, add your logo to an Branded Adhesive Note Cube, a classy Wall or Appointment Calendar, or even a handy Lunch Cooler!

Oh… and don’t forget T-shirts! 😉 Can’t go wrong with Gildan.


The bottom line? Make it useful, fun, or unique and recipients will hang on to your logod items for much longer. That means more ad impressions and brand awareness for you!

Perry Office Plus would love to be your source for promotional products. Our dedicated consultant is on hand to guide and support your promotional needs from start to finish. Call today: (800) 234-6605 or email promos@perryop.com.

25 Promotional Products to Consider for Your Conference Event

Planning a conference or seminar? Here is a list of supplies and promotional tools to consider for your event. Can I make some personalized recommendations for your specific event?

A handy notebook is always helpful at a conference!

Custom Signage

Get everyone where they need to go and keep your branding top-of-mind:

  • Welcome banners
  • Directional signage to guide attendees throughout the venue
  • Stage branding, such as backdrops or flags
  • Sponsor signage
  • Branded Tablecloths [Featured Item: Convertible Table Throw]
  • Stand-up Signage with schedule of events, maps, or event sponsors

Branded Attendee Supplies

Add your event’s, sponsor’s, or organization’s logo to one or more of these items to share with attendees:

The Perfect Tech Gift set includes eight of the hottest tech items in the market, each imprinted with your branding. Mix and match colors for perfect customization!

Branded Premium Giveaways

Give your attendees a step up from the typical event freebie:

  • Mobile tech (Thumb Drives, Portable chargers, Bluetooth Speakers)
  • Drinkware (Tumblers, Travel Mugs, Color-Changing Cups)
  • Apparel (Shirts, Caps, Accessories)
  • Umbrellas
  • Thermal bags
  • Backpacks

VIP Gifts

Whether you’re honoring, thanking, or awarding:

  • Recognition Awards (Acrylic, Wood, Crystal)
  • Door Prizes
  • Thank-You Gifts for Sponsors, Vendors, and Presenters

Contact me for more ideas, recommended products, art assistance, or pricing on any items:

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Promotional Consultant
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3 Reasons to Use an Imprinted Tablecloth at Your Next Event

A tablecloth with your logo is a great way to brand yourself at an event or trade show. Here are a few of the benefits:

1. Professional Appearance… with Branding!

Get a polished look with the added benefit of high-quality branding, even from a distance. An imprinted table throw is a great way to show you’re an organization that cares about quality. It gives a great impression (especially when seen next to booths that don’t have one).

Prosper Waco Imprinted Table Throw

2. Easy to Take & Use, No Extra Space Needed!

A table throw is lightweight, and easy to put in place. Even when space is tight, you’ll always have a branded element in your booth, where a bulky banner or signage might be challenging to fit in, and even more of a pain to lug around.

Table Throw

3. A Wide Range of Options for Every Need

Our table throws come in a wide variety of styles and with multiple imprint options. From a single color imprint, to a full color logo, we can match almost any color and get the right look for your brand and event. Get it in a fitted or draped style, depending on your desired look. And here’s a real Pro Tip: If you attend a variety of events that use differing table sizes, a convertible table throw can adjust from a 6-foot table to an 8-foot in just a few simple steps, right on the spot. Voila! One throw to suit any event.

Fitted Table Throw

This video shows how the convertible table throw works:

Here are 3 of our best-selling Table Throws:

6 foot table throw6′ Standard Table Throw
Full-Color Thermal Imprint
$205 each
8 Foot Convertible Table Throw8′ Convertible Table Throw
Full-Color Thermal Imprint
$260 each
Fitted Table ThrowUltraFit Curve Table Throw
Full-Color, Full Bleed
$439 each

Let’s discuss your needs and we can recommend the right table throw for you: (800) 234-6605. Visit perryop.com/custom for an overview of our services.

Top 5 Ways to Use Imprinted Bags for Maximum Exposure

Bags make such a powerful promotional tool for your business with their popularity, reach, and effectiveness. These are the top ways we see promotional bags used in marketing, plus some tips for maximizing your promo bag ROI!

Tote bags for events

1. Events (Conferences, Sporting Events, & More)

“Who has the best bag at this conference?” Many trade show attendees are on the lookout for which exhibitor has the coolest, most useful bag. There’s a bag for any event: sports & races, seminars & conferences, and charity events. Give the people what they want — there’s something for every budget!

MAXIMIZE IT: As you hand out your bags at your booth, tell recipients they can use their new bag as their ticket to the VIP event you’re hosting. They’ll wag your bag all over the conference center, and you get a captive audience for further sales opportunities.

Imprinted Halloween Bags

2. Halloween Trick-or-Treating

These are sure to be kept for a few days while kids (and yes, parents) sort through their goodies. It’s a great way to put your name in your community.

MAXIMIZE IT: Put a coupon on your bag for the weeks following Halloween!

Plastic Bags

3. Literature & Sample Distribution

There are plastic door hanger bags, inexpensive totes you can use to distribute literature or samples — and then use as a leave-behind with your clients.

MAXIMIZE IT: Sponsor a community event and co-brand your bags with the event’s logo for a special keepsake bag attendees will want to hang on to.

Imprinted Gift Bags

4. Gift bags & Shopping Totes

Whether it’s a handy bag for your guests to use while shopping, or a luxe gift bag to hold their purchases, it’s priceless branding for your business.

MAXIMIZE IT: The higher quality bag, the more likely it will be used as a gift bag or re-used at home, keeping your name around even longer.

5. Car Litter Bags

Trash is a fact of life, and we tend to collect it in our vehicles more these days than ever. A branded litter bag is an inexpensive — yet useful — giveaway for automotive or cleaning businesses. If you want people to think of you while they’re en route, it’s a cheap way to go.

MAXIMIZE IT: Offer a discount to customers who have the bag in their car when they visit your business.

Need proof that bags work? Check out this video:

Let’s discuss your needs and we can recommend the right promotional bag for you: (800) 234-6605. Visit perryop.com/custom for an overview of our services.

3 Times Promotional Towels were the Right Marketing Decision

Why do marketers and business owners choose promotional towels for events, giveaways, client and employee gifts?
  • It’s a moving billboard.
  • A large imprint size gives maximum brand exposure.
  • Expose your company to a wide range of people beyond the recipient.
  • People keep and use towels for several years.

Here are 3 times that towels proved to be just the promotional product needed:

UH OH: A summer camp for youth and teenagers was unhappy with the response from campers to their imprinted items like water bottles and bracelets. Many of them would lose them before the end of camp.

Towel Time: When their Promotional Consultant helped them envision a nicer item that commemorated the camp, they increased their budget and chose a beach towel, which was a natural fit, since the camp included swimming multiple times each day. The towels turned into a commemorative piece with a new logo each year and campers were more likely to hold on to the towel and use it the rest of the summer. The added exposure for the camp has resulted in an increase in attendance each year.

Promotional Beach Towels

UH OH: A non-profit association that hosted multiple fundraising golf tournaments was frustrated their budget didn’t allow for high-quality giveaways for the golfers, and attendance was declining.

Towel Time: Rather than draining the budget, the group’s Promotional Consultant suggested that Golf Towel become a fundraiser. A new level of sponsorship included both a hole sponsorship and a towel sponsorship. The towel could have the logos of the sponsors printed on it. They selected a towel that features ‘edge to edge’ sublimation print so numerous logos would fit, with no limitations in color, gradient or half tones. They even used a picture of the 18th hole as a backdrop.

These high quality towels were used, kept, and re-used again. A first class, commemorative golf towel is now given to the golfers AND…an additional $2750 was raised for the event in the first year! The past 2 years, the first sponsorships sold were those that included the towel, and the tournament attendance has increased dramatically.

Promotional Golf Towels

UH OH: A large manufacturing plant gives their 700+ employees a summer gift each year, but the owner was clinging to the same typical gift of a wearable item, year after year.

Towel Time: Their Promotional Consultant finally convinced the owner to try giving his staff a nice beach towel, as she knew it would get him better brand exposure in public places and that they would be kept for years. They went with a classic luxurious beach towel with a carrying strap.

A month later, the owner of the company was with his family at the local lake. As he wandered the beach; he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw not one, not two, but several of the company towels being used at the lake. He immediately grabbed his cell phone and texted his Consultant: “You were right! What incredible exposure for us!” Each year’s towel is now branded with a one-of-a-kind commemorative logo with and a different theme. What once was a typical gift, is now a “summer employee appreciation program”.

Promotional Towels

Want more information on the towel options available and which one is right for you?
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These are actual case studies provided by Terry Town.

3 Pet-Related Promotional Products that Work for Non-Pet Businesses

The U.S. Pet Industry is expected to reach $47.7 billion this year, increasing 31% from what was being spent just 5 years ago. Three out of five American households (62%) have at least one pet, and 42% of Americans own 2 or more pets. Any business can benefit from giving away promotional products geared towards pets and pet owners to make a lasting impression. These items can be used every day by your customers even if you aren’t a veterinary clinic, pet groomer, or pet boarding facility.

1. Pet owners love when their pet is included — how about a treat? Dog or cat treats are a great way to say you care about the furriest family member. Advertise your residential real estate services. Brag about yoru pet-friendly apartments or hotels.

Pet Treats

Wholesome, all natural pet treats in a bone or fish shape. Dog treats taste like sweet potato and honey. Cats treats have salmon and chicken flavors. Get your full color imprint right on the label. Made in the USA.

2. Creating a pet-friendly environment is nice, but cleanliness is important, too! If your business or community encourages cleaning up after pets, these bag dispensers are a great, gentle reminder.

Pet Waste Disposal Bags

3. Why not showcase adorable pets on your promotional item? We love to see our adorable pets AND other people’s adorable pets, too! Get in on the craze that has birthed internet sensations like Grumpy Cat, Boo, and Crisp P. Bacon.

Puppy and kitten calendars are cute and cuddly, and you can easily add your logo for a warm and fuzzy promotion that will be around all year long. You can even make your own custom calendar featuring your staff’s pets!

Pet Calendars

With so many pets, and our undying devotion to them, making a connection with pet owners is always a smart marketing move. Contact us today to get started on your next promotion. We’ll help you create a warm and fuzzy feeling around your brand! Visit perryop.com/custom.

Increase the ROI of Your Next Trade Show with the Right Promotional Products

Orbit Water Bottle 7858Trade show statistics state that roughly only 12% of show attendees are your potential buyer. Only 12% actually want, need, use, can afford and have the ability to buy your product or service. So when considering a promotional product to entice or thank booth visitors, you might have more budget than you think!

1. Have a little something for the masses.

If you feel that something must be given out to everyone that walks by your booth, then an inexpensive item will do. Anything that tradeshow attendees might appreciate: logo’d pens, hand sanitizer, and mints are all great less expensive options.

2. Keep a little something extra for the truly interested.

Also consider a small number of higher-end gifts that are kept “behind the table” and only given to those who spend time to hear your sales pitch, engage with your product, watch a demo, or sign up for a subscription, etc. — and certainly anyone who places an order or you consider a “hot lead”.

If a show will have about 2,000 attendees, consider purchasing 250 high-quality items that also fit the theme and audience of the event. You’ll spend about the same amount as giving everyone a “little something”, but get much better results. That maximizes your promotional dollars and your ROI!

Passersby — who have no real interest — may ask for one if they catch a glimpse, but you can simply invite them in to your discussion and if they refuse, you can politely share that the special gifts are for interested attendees only. You may actually uncover more prospects this way!

3. Consider your audience.

Ideas for this nicer item might be an imprinted umbrella, a nice padfolio with your logo on it, or a stainless steel promotional water bottle. But consider your audience: A group of educators may appreciate receiving a high quality travel mug, while an IT person might prefer a portable power bank [learn more about these!]. An older demographic might prefer a promotional calendar [tips on these here], while a younger set might like a collapsible water bottle.

Don’t forget the other trade show essentials!

Need help making your next trade show exhibit great? Call or email any time for suggestions on signage, giveaways, custom tablecloths and more.

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