What’s the Big Deal about Glassboards?

You’ve probably heard about glassboards as an alternative to white boards, but what is all the fuss about? Here are some basics:

PROS of Glassboards

Durability: Glassboards are made from a tempered glass so it’s much stronger than regular glass.

Customization: Make your glassboard “blend” into the wall with a custom paint color, or personalize it with custom graphics.

Simple installation: It’s not complicated and not much different than that of a traditional white board. A white board typically has a frame of some sort, where a glassboard usually is ‘frameless’, creating a cleaner look.

Clean-ability and Long-Lasting: Glassboards are super easy to clean, thanks to their non-porous surface, meaning no marker can stain or “ghost” the board, no matter how often you use it. A quality glassboard can last for years and years, where a white board might have to be replaced pretty frequently if it’s used a lot.

CONS of Glassboards

Cost: Really the only downside of a glassboard versus a traditional white board is that they have a much higher cost. However, if the above points — durability, customization, easy installation, and being ridiculously easy to clean — are important to your application, the benefits far outweigh the extra cost.


The Perry Office Plus preferred glassboard vendor, Clarus, makes fantastic videos about their products, if you want to see more.


This is a great demonstration of how clean-able their glassboard is:


Watch how easy it is to install a Clarus glassboard:


And thanks to the non-porous surface, a glassboard is even CLEANER than a white board… The results of this test will shock healthcare professionals:

And finally, to really see what goes into a Clarus Glassboard, they’ve created this hilarious video to show their competitors how to make one on the cheap:

Contact our Furniture Team to get more information about a glassboard that suits your space: (800) 234-6605 or visit perryop.com/furniture

What to Consider Before You Choose a Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing or height-adjustable worksurface have been touted for several years now, from increasing blood flow to even burning a few extra calories. But is it for you?

While studies have shown that breaking up a sedentary workday with standing does have benefits, the most important thing is to simply avoid any single position — sitting or standing — for long periods of time. A sit-to-stand workstation is certainly one way to keep this in check.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to standing or height-adjustable worksurface, here are a few things to consider:

Try before you buy.

We suggest a trial period before committing to standing desk. Prop up your monitors with whatever is available – or get a sample from Perry Office Plus! – and try it for several days before making an investment.

Adjustable or fixed?

A stationary, standing height desk with a tall chair allows for both sitting and standing without moving parts.

More or less movement?

If you don’t plan to switch from sitting to standing very often, you can save money with a hand-crank option, while a pneumatic or electric option may be a better solution for more frequent adjustments. Electric desks can also be preset to your custom height preferences.

Don’t forget the tech!

How will you adjust your monitors and keyboard? We suggest mounting your monitors so they can also be set to correct ergonomic height when you switch from sitting to standing. If you use a keyboard tray, this can be mounted as well.

Let us help!

We’ll assess your current work area, listening to your needs, help you select and even install the sit-to-stand solution that’s right for you. Our consultants can answer your questions and get you set up quickly and easily. Contact the Perry Furniture Team: (800) 234-6605 or furniture@perryop.com

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Spotlight: Car Dealer’s New Construction Gets Designer-Style Furniture

The Perry Office Plus furniture team worked closely with an interior designer to select the style and finishes for this new construction at Cleo Bay Subaru in Killeen, Texas. The result is a cohesive, high-end look, perfect for a car dealership.

As a previous client, they brought us into the process early and selected their furniture prior to the building’s completion. As a result, the building’s millwork and countertops were selected to match the furniture, rather than trying to match the furniture to finishes already in place.

The reception station by Darran, with its frosted glass accents and WilsonArt solid surface reception top, offers a custom look at the entry. The client appreciated the attractive, easy to clean, non-porous solid surface material so much — as well as the wood finish on this piece — that they chose to use it throughout the built-in elements of the building.


The varied heights of the reception top adds visual interest and creates and even more custom look.


In the Sales and F&I offices, we selected JSI Vision veneer desking for a high-polish appearance. Glass tops were added to preserve the finish in a busy office environment. Encore Signal guest seating with coordinated wood backs complete the spaces.


Each space utilizes different storage options, including lateral files and overhead storage.


These JSI Solara chairs create a high-end conference area in a fabric coordinated with the room’s carpeting.


In the Service area, Advisor Stations at an elevated height allow staff to stand or use a stool. The Allsteel Terrace tiled system provided the framework, with metal perforated tiles and a contrasting silver trim for a high-design aesthetic.


A kids’ play area was outfitted with durable a maple table and chairs by TMC Furniture.


HON Invitation Lounge seating with JSI side & coffee tables offers a place for Service customers to wait. Grand Rapids upholstered wood stools are perfect for the standing-height counter.


In the back office, Allsteel Optimize cubicles offer plentiful storage and work surface.

This entire building of furniture and seating was delivered and assembled by the Perry Office Plus furniture installation team.

3 Iconic Chairs that Inspired Modern Copies

We can’t help but notice some characteristics of these classic designs popping up in current office design.

Eames Lounge Chair

Released in 1956, Eames Lounge Chair was the first chair that Charles and Ray Eames designed for a high-end market. Examples of these furnishings are part of the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Our modern versions are definitely not “copies”, but there are enough similarities in the steel base style and segmented bodies to imagine they could be distant relations.




Fauteuil Chair (aka “Louis” Chair)

Perhaps the most recognizable homage to this chair originally designed in the early 17th century France,  is the Ghost Chair by Philippe Stark.  We continue to see the more traditional style in formal office settings, but love Stark’s bold variation.


Model 3107

This is one of the most copied chairs out there, and for good reason!  It was designed by Arne Jacobsen, using a new technique in which plywood could be bent in three dimensions. Over 5 million units have been produced exclusively by Fritz Hansen ever since its invention in 1955. It is THE most copied chair in the world. Such a versatile style.


Want to give your office a classic look? Let our designers steer you in the right direction. Contact us today!

Spotlight: Local Law Firm Collaborates with Perry for a Cohesive Office Renovation

The Carlson Law Firm in Killeen, Texas, purchased and renovated a building to relocate their offices in 2016. Management brought in Perry designers early in the project’s timeline, which ensured power & data placement during the renovation would coincide with furniture’s placement.

As with most renovations, floor plans were in flux throughout the selection process and Perry designers worked closely with the Carlson team to adapt the design to accommodate changes as needed. The result is a completely cohesive look where the furniture and the building are in sync.


In the lobby, Hon Convera Lounge seating in Silica Leather adds a professional, yet relaxed look to the calming space.

This look is echoed in the three executive conference rooms (below), which are outfitted with Allsteel Merge tables in Cafelle Walnut. These tables have an expanding center section that reveals a central power bay for plugging in devices as needed, and hiding it when not in use. Cord management in the table’s legs keep the floor clear, which was designed prior to the installation of the power outlet to ensure proper placement.



The training room uses mobile, nesting Allsteel Aware tables that can be easily rearranged. In fact, the room is often cleared for the staff’s morning exercise session, and can then easily be moved into a meeting or training arrangement as needed. The room is completed with nesting Allsteel Seek chairs.


Allsteel Optimize panels with Allsteel Involve storage were chosen for two call center-style rooms housing a total of 35 staff members. For the smaller room, lower panel heights allow for privacy without feeling closed off, while the larger room fits 20 workstations with varying panel heights, so both staff and supervisors can share the space. All workstations have power and data access built into the panels.


Low credenzas in some workstations offer varied, layered storage options, including lateral filing.


The large staff break room is filled with HON Motivate chairs and stools, and HON Preside & Flock tables in both diner and bar heights.


The owner’s office is the crowning jewel of this project. This space needed a traditional, executive look while remaining functional to meet with clients and guests. The walnut finishes of the JSI Brogan desking were chosen to coordinate with the wood flooring and built-in cabinetry. Multiple seating areas and a conference space were also included.


JSI traditional seating completed the space.


When the furniture and renovation design are developed in tandem, you will ensure a more cohesive look, functional layout, and streamlined installation process. Contact us today to learn more about our Furniture & Space Planning services.

Special Report: 4 New Furniture Trends from NeoCon 2016

In June, the Perry Furniture team visited the NeoCon market in Chicago for North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. These are some of the trends that stood out to us this year and a few examples of each.

See something that interests you or a style you want to emulate? Call us for details: (254) 778-4755

1. Residential Furniture for Commercial Spaces

Get cozy at work with a more comfortable, laid back type of furniture. Modernize your office while maintaining a classic feel.

Bourne Collection from JSI

Bourne Collection from JSI

Hugh Dining collection by Grand Rapids

Hugh Dining collection by Grand Rapids

Tablo Chair paired with Grove Totem end table from Darran

Tablo Chair paired with Grove Totem end table from Darran

Ala chair by Cabot Wrenn

Ala chair by Cabot Wrenn

2. Flexible Seating

As office spaces are becoming more multi-functional, the chairs we use in them are following suit. Whether you’re working, meeting, eating, leaning, or thinking, these chairs can do it all, anywhere.

The nesting, multi-purpose Flirt Chair from Arcadia

The nesting, multi-purpose Flirt Chair from Arcadia

The spine-based, impromptu Kozmic seating by National

The spine-based, impromptu Kozmic seating by National

3. Personal Spaces in the Open Office

While workplaces are opening up and becoming more collaborative with few private offices, there is still the occasional need for personal breaks and semi-private conversations. These new products can help offer some division without adding walls.

Reflect from Allsteel

Reflect from Allsteel

Co-op by Arcadia

Co-op by Arcadia

Co-op by Arcadia

Co-op by Arcadia

4. Clothing-Inspired Upholstery

Clothing textiles like wool, tweed, and soft-suiting type materials are the latest in upholstery trends, which can lend an element of familiarity and comfort to otherwise sterile work environments.

Kimono collection by Mayer

Kimono collection by Mayer

Tickled Herring & more by HBF Textiles

Tickled Herring & more by HBF Textiles

New & Notable!


Concinnity Desking from Hon

Concinnity Desking from Hon

This laminate series offers more storage options and design details than we’ve ever seen from Hon and we are excited about it. Concinnity blends distinctive design elements with a versatile collection of desk and storage components.


Equity from Neutral Posture

This system product has nearly unlimited options for fabric, colors and customization. Equity’s centerline modularity allows for simplified planning, spatial economy and design flexibility. The 90° and 120° planning provide added options for open plan layouts.



Can’t help but mention this wild new product: BuzziJungle really pushes the boundaries of the traditional meeting space. Various elements within the structure provide an opportunity for different interactions within the “jungle”. You can climb, lounge and meet in the elevated work-lounge space made from lacquered steel.

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3 Furniture Trends in the Healthcare Industry 

Outfitting a healthcare facility with furniture provides unique challenges, and as the industry changes, the furniture is changing with it.

We are seeing more:

1. Lightweight Furniture

Many designers and manufacturers are trending toward lighter weight patient chairs. A great example is the minimalist Soothe recliner from HON has un-upholstered arms that pivot out of the way to help ease patients in and out.  It also allows for infinite recline positions from upright to fully reclined as shown below.  The chair is easily mobile, with locking casters.

HON Soothe Recliner Healthcare Furniture
HON Soothe Recliner Healthcare Furniture


Learn more about HON Soothe Recliner >

2. Contrasting Upholstery

This is a long-term trend with lasting power that creates a more interesting aesthetic. You can also use this method to reduce costs — apply a more highly-treated and expensive fabric where it is most needed, and a less costly fabric to other parts of the chair. This HON Soothe 2-seat chair is a great example.

HON Soothe 2 Seat Bench Healthcare Furniture

3. Coordinating Bariatric Seating

The need for bariatric seating — which accommodates users of 350 lbs or more — is not new, but it’s becoming much more widely available from basically every contract furniture manufacturer. It’s now easier than ever to incorporate into any seating area, from the lobby to offices, to patient rooms. You can now provide a comfortable option for all guests, without compromising the aesthetic of the space. “Confide” seating by National illustrates the integration of bariatric guest chairs with standard and lounge chairs.

Confide seating National Office Furniture Bariatric Guest Chairs

If your healthcare facility is looking for furniture for your lobby or reception area, patient rooms or offices, the Perry Office Plus furniture team can help select products, and design and plan your space. Contact one of our Furniture Consultants today: (800) 234-6605 or check out our furniture project gallery for inspiration.