3 Tips for a Great Break Room from our Makeover Contest

Break rooms are a frequently overlooked space.  Break areas are intended to provide a mental and physical break from the daily grind.  By offering a few essential items, you will quickly see a difference in your employees’ productivity and satisfaction.

Connally Junior High near Waco, Texas won our “Break Room Makeover” contest in fall 2015 and Perry Office Plus installed the furniture over their Christmas break as a surprise for the teachers and staff when they returned in 2016.

Here are 3 tips to take away from their makeover.

1. Create a visual distinction from the rest of the office.

For employees to be able to fully separate from their workspace and decompress, the break room should not just be an extension of the office.

The Connally Junior High principal had the break room painted a bright green to differentiate the space from the rest of the school and give staff a change of scenery during the day. When employees return to work, they will start fresh, and productivity will substantially increase.


“The new lounge is comfortable and provides a multipurpose setting for relaxing and work with colleagues,” said CJH employee Elaine Menefee.

2. Create more than just a place to eat.

A break room is more than just a place to eat lunch or grab a snack, but also a place to socialize. CJH took this to heart, and removed some existing cabinets to provide space for a small lounge area. HON Flock lounge chairs are great for reading or lounging, and a Flock occasional table has a powered port where teachers can plug in devices, in case they want to work away from their desk.

The Flock bar-height table and Motivate flexible-back plastic stools (both from HON) were used to create a community environment that encourages interaction.

After - Lounge Chairs

Mecca Perkins from CJH said, “The atmosphere is relaxing and provides us with a retreat from the hectic environment we work in throughout the day.”


After - Table & Stools

CJH’s Melissa Holt said, “Our new lounge is very modern and makes us feel like we work in a professional atmosphere.”

3. Call in a professional.

Our designer offered suggestions for styles, materials and layouts that would provide the best possible atmosphere. Rely on the experience of a designer or one of our furniture consultants to provide options and solutions that suit your staff, your organization, and your budget. Call us at (800) 234-6605 or visit our project portfolio.

Here are the “before” images of their teacher lounge — what a difference!


Infographic: Perry’s 2015 by the Numbers

We were busy this past year! Here is a look back at how it shaped up, by the numbers:

year in review infographic 2015

Celebrate Business Milestones in 4 Steps

by Debbie Yearwood, Promotional Products Speciailist

Whether your company is celebrating another year in business or just want to recognize long-time employees, promotional products are a fun and easy way to create some buzz. Get started

Perry 95th Anniversary Cup1. Create an Anniversary Logo

Consider creating a logo for your company’s anniversary or design a “Years of Service” logo that can have interchangeable numbers for long-term employees. Here at Perry Office Plus, we’ve designed a 95th anniversary logo that we’re using on a variety of promotional items this year, including this cool circle lid tumbler. Email me to get a sample of one while supplies last!

2. Recognize Long-Term Staff

A custom-designed coin or lapel pin is a classy way to mark an occasion or acknowledge years of service. Custom apparel, such as a jacket, shirt, hat or umbrella, emblazoned with your company or anniversary logo is a great way to show appreciation to staff for their commitment.

Fleece Wearables3. Connect with the Community

Whether your “community” is your hometown, loyal online followers, or is more global, they’ve helped get you this far, so it’s important to extend the celebration to them. A custom calendar is a year-long way to feature your dedicated team, show off your city’s unique flavor, or showcase your most popular products, with monthly full-color photos.

Etched Wine Bottle4. Thank Your Best Clients

Some of your larger or most loyal customers deserve special recognition during a milestone year. A high-end gift like a bottle of wine etched with your anniversary logo expresses thanks with a special touch.

If you’d like some ideas for ways to celebrate company milestones, thanking your best clients, or setting up an employee retention program, give me a call at (800) 234-6605 or email promos@perryop.com.

#FlashbackFriday : 5 Fun Historic Facts about the Perry Office Plus Headquarters

On July 18, 2005, Perry Office Plus consolidated our Temple warehouses and business offices to start operating under one roof at the “old Coca-Cola building” on North 3rd Street.

The building has a unique history:

1. Coca-Cola was actually manufactured here.

Constructed in 1948 by the Temple Bottling Company, the building originally served as a Coca-Cola manufacturing, bottling, warehousing and distribution facility for the Central Texas area.Groups like Boy Scouts and schoolchildren were given tours regularly. We hear from local residents often about having done this as a kid, standing out front and watching the glass Coke bottles move down the line. This post card we have shows the old plant next to a picture of the building today.

Postcard image from the 70s and the building today.

Postcard image from the 70s and the building today.

2. The building had 7 safes.

Because of all the Coke vending machines that were being serviced from this building at the time, multiple safes were needed to store all the bags of coins. We still use the large walk-in safe for record storage — but we don’t have the combination to it!

Large Safe

3. Slanted concrete in front of the building had a very “sweet” purpose.

We’re told that, when Coke syrup trucks would pull up to the building on the incline, the syrup would run out faster!

Slanted Concrete

4. More warehouse space was added in the 1970s.

This space is now home to 45,000 square feet of office supplies inventory, and used to store and stage furniture deliveries. The architectural plans from this renovation were found in an upstairs storage space recently. We had them framed and hung in our company break room.

The blue architectural drawings hang in our break room along with this office plan and the descriptions of all the furniture that was to be used.

The blue architectural drawings hang in our break room along with this office plan and the descriptions of all the furniture that was to be used. “Secretarial type desk” isn’t something we hear very often anymore!

5.  Our supply closet used to be a freight elevator.

It’s stationary now, but it used to haul materials to and from the second floor, which is now used for storage. This is the view looking up from inside the closet.

Elevator  Supply Closet

In 2005 the building was purchased by Perry Office Plus owners Harry & Debbie Macey, who renovated the original offices and plant into our call center, furniture showroom and business offices. Bay doors were also added in the warehouse to accommodate our delivery fleet.

Learn more about Perry Office Plus on our “About Page”.

3 Ways Promotional Products Help Credit Union Member Retention

If you work for a credit union, you probably realize that financial institutions with massive marketing budgets are targeting your members more aggressively than ever. In case you haven’t considered promotional products to be a helpful tool in member retention, here are some reasons to consider adding them into your marketing mix:

Try a branded flashlight with a note thanking the member for ‘shedding light’ on a recent issue.

Try a branded flashlight with a note thanking the member for ‘shedding light’ on a recent issue.

1. Promotional products give new members a sense of belonging and help long-time members brag.

Offering new and current members unique and quality branded items gives them the feeling of being part of the in-crowd or belonging to a group – think team uniforms or college rings. Inexpensive, yet quality items like mugs or tote bags give them an easy conversation piece when talking about their credit union to others.

2. Promotional products can show you are on top of issues.

Complaints, inactive accounts and large withdrawals can be signals to intervene before a member leaves. A phone call with a follow-up gift by mail offers a personal touch.

Showing you are ready to serve members in each stage of life is a big part of retention, too: Special gifts for college seniors – who may be ready for a car loan or other special service – can help retain them after graduation. A member who is selling their home should receive information about branches in their new location, and perhaps a ‘welcome home’ gift when they arrive in town — even something as simple as a magnetic photo frame.

Being creative with your promotions get you more bang for your buck. A branded piggy bank might help promote youth savings plans.

Being creative with your promotions get you more bang for your buck. A branded piggy bank might help promote youth savings plans.

3. Imprinted items can promote your “sticky” products.

Services like mobile banking or bill pay are most likely to retain a member because, once established, switching these services to another institution is almost too tedious to consider. The right imprinted product can help educate members about these services and keep your various services top-of-mind. A branded piggy bank could promote youth savings plans, while imprinted travel mugs remind members of your mobile banking options.

Let’s Get Started!

Promotional products are more than just cheap pens and can definitely have a solid impact when implemented properly in your marketing plan. For your next great idea, call or email us today: (800) 234-6605 x 111 or promos@perryop.com.

5 Statistics that Prove Promotional Products are a Great Idea for Your Business

When we talk about imprinted promotional products, you might be thinking… “Why should I put my logo on a pen or keychain? Nobody remembers the name of the company that advertises on those tchotchkhes.”

Actually: 83% of end-users remember the brands on the promotional items they’ve received.

Or you might think, “Is someone really going to change their opinion of me just because I sent them a pen? I doubt it.”

Actually: 42% of end-users have a MORE favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving the item.

This might cross your mind: “Sure, my client is going to love to take the free stuff I give him. But that won’t make him any more likely to do business with me.”

Actually: Nearly 25% of end-users are MORE LIKELY to do business with the advertiser on the items they receive.

You might have considered it this way: “Say I use a promotional product in a direct mail campaign. What assurances do I have that I’ll ever hear from the prospect again?”

Actually: Most end-users have done business with the advertiser AFTER RECEIVING the item.

Have you ever said, “I bet nobody really holds onto a promotional pen. They probably go right in the trash.”

Actually: Writing instruments are the most-recalled promotional item.

BONUS! The typical promotional product is kept for 7 months.

Adding promotional products into your marketing mix in the right way can have a serious impact on your prospecting efforts and client relationships. For your next great idea, call or email us today: (800) 234-6605 or promos@perryop.com. Check out our promo gallery and browse for yourself, then contact us for your custom quote.

Theater’s Promo is Twice as Nice with Lip Balm / Sanitizer Combo

When Grand Avenue Theater in Belton needed a fun back-to-school giveaway for local school teachers — and FAST — they called us for ideas. They were certain they needed something the teachers would keep and use regularly (no one wants a promotional product to end up in the trash), and they wanted something beyond the typical pens and notepads.

Within a day, we found them this cool lip balm / hand sanitizer (anti-bacterial spray) combination with a custom-printed label. With TWO helpful things for teachers to have handy in a purse or tote and a large imprint area for their business logo, it made the perfect item for the occasion. Even better, these imprinted items were available on a rush.

Grand Avenue was happy with the finished product and teachers got a fun AND useful item to start the year.

Need something in a hurry but don’t want to settle for cheap pens or boring notepads? Call Perry Office Plus for your next event or promotion… We make PROMOTIONS personal!