5 Services Your Laundry Chemicals Supplier Should Be Providing

5 Essential Services Your Laundry Chemicals Supplier Should Be Providing

If you have commercial or institutional laundry needs – such as those in a hotel, school athletics department, healthcare environment, or correctional institution – your laundry chemical supplier should provide a variety of services to keep your systems functioning well and getting the results you need.

Here are some of the services we provide as a Laundry Chemical Supplier in Central Texas and the Brazos Valley.

1. Free Pump Installation

We’ll provide pumps for the chemicals our customers need to get the results they want for their laundry. The pumps are provided free of charge for as long as you choose Perry for your chemicals, and are installed by experienced specialists completely free of charge. Setting up a new facility? We’re happy to consult you on placement of plumbing, electrical, and equipment.

2. Regular Service Inspections

We regularly inspect our pumps and squeeze tubes that get your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other chemicals into your machines. Approximately every 30 days, a Perry laundry specialist will inspect these parts and replace or repair anything that is an issue. We want our customers to avoid costly damage, poor laundry results, and even injuries due to lack of maintenance and attention to potential problems. A follow-up report from each visit is provided.

3. Configure Laundry Machines + Pumps

Whether you manage laundry for a hotel that needs bright white and super soft towels, or for an institution that has to follow cleaning requirements for garments and linens, our team will listen to your laundry needs and configure your machines and pumps to get the outcome you’re looking for. Our specialists will work to ensure the proper procedures, water temperatures, chemical dispensing, and timing to get you the results you want.

4. Check the pH and Chlorine Levels of Your Laundered Items

Making sure your laundered garments and linens are clean, comfortable, and safe to use is an important step in the laundering process, and we do this by checking the pH and chlorine levels of your items after being laundered. If there are any anomalies that indicate a mechanical, chemical, or procedural issue, we’ll alert you and help address it.

5. Provide Access to Reports and a Knowledgeable Specialist When You Need Them

Our reps are available when our customers need them to schedule a site visit to look at a potential issue, consult on changing needs, or help with training. We also believe customers should also have access to any reports data that might be available and helpful in making decisions and reviewing procedures.

Your Local Source Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Laundry Supplies and Equipment

Contact Perry Office Plus to learn more about how we can make setup and service of your laundry chemicals easy — for school athletics, healthcare environments, hotel and hospitality, assisted living or nursing homes, veterinarian offices, or correctional institutions.

From your industrial laundry to dishwashing machines, and total cleaning solutions from the front door to the restrooms, our customers enjoy expert assistance, top-level service, fast delivery, easy ordering options, and simple billing.

As part of our institutional and commercial laundry chemical supplies service, Perry Office Plus specialists are available when you need them and schedule regular service calls to keep your laundry running smoothly. Plus, monthly reports are available upon request.

Contact us today for a free consultation and analysis!

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