How to Choose a Standing Desk or Sit to Stand Workstation

The benefits of a standing or height-adjustable worksurface have been touted for several years now, from increasing blood flow to even burning a few extra calories.

While studies have shown that breaking up a sedentary workday with standing does have benefits, the most important thing is to simply avoid any single position — sitting or standing — for long periods of time. A sit-to-stand workstation is certainly one way to keep this in check.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to standing or height-adjustable worksurface, here’s what we recommend:

1. First, try before you buy.

We suggest a trial period before committing to standing desk. Prop up your monitors with whatever is available – or get a sample from Perry Office Plus! – and try it for several days before making an investment.

2. Decide if you prefer an Adjustable or Fixed surface.

A stationary, fixed-height standing desk with a task stool allows for both sitting and standing without moving parts, or up and down motion — like these HON Voi standing height workstations below.

An adjustable-height worksurface will lower and allow you to use a standard task chair when seated, and then raise when you’re ready to stand.

3. Determine if you need hand-crank, pneumatic, or electric.

If you don’t plan to switch from sitting to standing (or vice versa) very often, you can save money with a hand-crank option. It takes a little muscle, but for infrequent use, it’s a big money-saver.

For more frequent adjustments, a pneumatic or electric option may be a better solution for more frequent adjustments.

Pneumatic desktop solutions require the user is able to raise and lower the surface themselves (with pneumatic assistance), where an electric base will raise and lower at the push of a button.

Ergotron Workfit is a desktop solution that includes a mouse/keyboard tray and options for mounting your monitors.

Electric desks are raised and lowered at the push of a button and some can contain presets of your custom height preferences.

Electric bases from HON and Knoll can give you the power to control the exact height you prefer, and even save settings for different uses or users.

4. Consider your accessories.

Monitors & Keyboards: We suggest mounting your monitors so they can also be set to the correct ergonomic height when you switch from sitting to standing. If you use a keyboard tray, this can be mounted as well.

Or you can select a product with everything all in one, like the ESI Climb:

ESI Climb is a desktop-mounted pneumatic height adjustable workstation that clamp-mounts to worksurfaces in either a single or dual monitor arm configuration. Learn more about this product >

Cable Management: No one wants issues with multiple cords being moved up and down frequently and causing an ugly mess. ESI Conceal expands and retracts to keep cables organized under a height-adjustable worksurface.

Learn more about this product >

Chair Mat: We also recommend a mat like the Deflecto Sit-Stand Mat that’s made of durable support foam with a hard shell, which allows you to both glide easily in your chair, and stand with comfort.

Defelecto Sit Stand Mat

5. Seek out input from a professional!

A Perry furniture consultant can help you assess your current work area, listen to your needs, and help you select the sit-to-stand solution that’s right for you. We also offer delivery and installation services to get you set up properly.

Contact the Perry Furniture Team: (800) 234-6605 or

Shop Sit/Stand Desks on >

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