4 Great Branded Employee Appreciation Gifts to Motivate and Say Thanks to Your Team this Summer

Whether you’re planning a summer company event or simply showing some employee appreciation, a branded gift can make it special. Here are a few ideas for the warmer months — but some of them would be great gifts any time of year! Call us for a complete quote!

1. Unique Drinkware

Trying to think of something better than a plastic cup or Koozie to give to your team? Try something extra special, like the Myriad! This double-walled, copper vacuum-insulated, stainless design is a 3-in-1 bottle holder, can holder, and tumbler! It comes with a clear lid for drinking, and a black lid for snug bottle holding! More about The Myriad Drink Holder / Tumbler >

2. An Outdoor Bundle

Bundles are a GREAT way to make a big impact! Try bundling a fun pair of branded sunglasses (they’ll be super cool for your next video conference), a fun-in-the-sun toy like a foldable flyer or beach ball, and, of course, some sunscreen. Bundle it all in a handy drawstring backpack for added usefulness and value. Most items come in such an array of color options that you can mix and match to suit your brand and create a cohesive gift.

3. A Playful Picnic Blanket

This roll-up picnic blanket is a gift the whole family can enjoy on their next picnic or camping trip! Your employees will appreciate this 52″ x 47″ polyester fleeces plaid blanket with a lining, and a water-resistant backing! More abotu the Roll-Up Picnic Blanket >

4. Hats or Visors

Most people like to receive some kind of wearable promotion — it’s not something that gets thrown away and when it’s used, it becomes a walking billboard for your company, too! The Infield Mesh Back Cap is a great example of a trendy style that has a wide appeal. More about the Infield Mesh Back Cap >

There’s more where that came from.

Need help creating just the right appreciation or motivational gift for your team? We can give you some new promotional ideas to help boost morale and camaraderie. Let’s get started! Reach out at promos@perryop.com or use the Custom Products Information Request Form on our website.

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