6 Types of Custom Coasters to Save Tables and Market Your Brand!

Drink coasters are a great way to market indirectly and are perfect for both business and pleasure. Whether you’re creating brand awareness at an event or business, or saying thank you with a gift your clients will take home and use every day, beverage coasters come in a variety of materials that might work for you!

1. Paper

paper coaster

Pub style paper coasters are strong and absorbent, and give your brand exposure every time someone puts down their drink. Perfect for events, restaurants & bars, and inexpensive office giveaways. See an example >

2. Cork

cork coaster

A great option when you have a bold logo that looks good in one color. Cork is also a sustainable product for an even “greener” coaster option. See an example >

3. Wood

wood coaster

Wood coasters are Earth friendly & renewable and no two pieces are alike. Consider  laser engraved wooden coasters for your next gift. See an example >

4. Stone

stone coaster

Carve out so me space at the top of your audience’s mind when they use an absorbent stone coaster. These make excellent high-end gifts, especially in sets of 4. See an example >

5. Leather (or leather-like vinyl)

leather coaster

Deboss your logo on a quality leather or vinyl coaster for an executive look! Perfect for corporate giveaways and incentives. See an example >

6. Neoprene

neoprene coaster

Koozies work well for keeping the condensation off your hand — and it works for coasters, too! With benefits like full color imprinting and a non-slip rubber backing, the neoprene coaster is a great marketing tool. See an example >

Don’t forget about Car Coasters!car coaster

One of the more popular types of coasters recently is the absorbent stone, cork, or neoprene coasters that fit into your car cup holders. Since most cup holders have a similar size, car coasters are pretty universal and are a great way to get your brand in front of your audience on the go! See an example >

Coasters are a great marketing tool, and we can help you choose the right one for your event, audience, and budget. Call or email us today! (800) 234-6605 / promos@perryop.com. View our Project Gallery >



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