5 Types of Promotional Products to Help You “Own the Desk”

Is your target market the office-bound type? Put your brand in their line of sight for hours every day with the right desktop promotional item. Let’s go beyond the typical promotional pen and look at 5 kinds of branded products to keep in mind if you want eyes on your logo during the workday.

Desk Set1. Desk Accessories

A colorful desk set is a fun way to make sure your brand comes to mind at work. This modern desk set from Numo has multiple pieces and is imprintable on all items. Want something a little more classic? A simple Post-it dispenser will do the trick.

thinking putty2. Puzzles, Games, & Stress Relievers

Break through the promotional clutter and try something different. A game or puzzle that sits on the desk can be a fun departure from the typical promo.

Thinking Putty is a great stress reliever or brainstorm starter! It comes in 3 different sized tins and 30 different colors. Show your prospects you know how to think outside the box and help them solve problems.

For a more traditional puzzle, a Rubik’s Mini Twist-A-Snake has an element of nostalgia while keeping your brand front and center.

Stress relievers come in all shapes and sizes — if you can dream it up, there’s probably a stress ball for it.

motion notes3. Unique Paper Goods

Add a little fun to your typical sticky note with Motion Adhesive Notepads from BIC. They work like a flipbook, and feature a truck driving across the note, a plane taking off, or a golf putt.

A handy scratchpad is a great promotional item, but add lines and even checkboxes, and you’ve got a to-do list keeper that every office worker will appreciate!

Sonic Boom Speaker4. Tech Accessories

A Bluetooth speaker is a solid gift for anyone that likes some tunes while they work. The Sonic Boom Bluetooth Speaker has flashing LED lights that will brighten up any cubical. Phone stands are also great for desktops and this Clam Cell Stand is a classy option.

Tritan 12oz Tumbler5. Drinkware

Whether it’s a water bottle, soda can, coffee cup, or travel mug, there’s bound to be a beverage on most any desk, and that’s one more place for your brand to be! Drinkware is one of the most popular promotional products and will be kept for a long time, especially when it’s good quality, such as this 12oz Tritan tumbler. And don’t forget about coasters; Most people will keep a nice, absorbent stone or cork coaster handy for years.


Overwhelmed? Inspired? Either way, let’s get started on your next promotional project. Call us at 800.234.6605 or email promos@perryop.com. 

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