Adult Coloring Books: Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Adult Coloring Book with Imprint Space for Your Logo

This creative outlet is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Release your inner artist by adding your creative touch to 12 beautifully rendered designs, accompanied by inspirational messages. Click to see all the different editions to customize your campaign.

Kids’ coloring books with spaces for a logo have been available for years, but we are now seeing a vast array of books designed for the adult set, each designed to relieve stress and promote creativity. Some are even accompanied by inspirational messages.

From flowers, birds and animals, to intricate unique designs, these “grown-up” or adult coloring books are a wildly popular trend that has media reporting its stress-busting benefits. Retail versions have been listed as best-sellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now you can get in on this trend by adding your logo to adult coloring books! Why?

  • Ability to engage and hold attention.
  • Promotes a healthy habit, relaxation, and creativity.
  • Wide audience and suitable in many different industries.
  • Used and kept for weeks, if not months.
  • Some people post their completed designs online.
  • Cost per impression is low when you weigh potential exposure against product price.

The main purpose of these coloring books is for relaxation, so they will fit into any campaign that is promoting mental health, wellness and relaxation.

  • Promoting healthy habits in health care
  • Assisted living center welcome gifts
  • Keeping minds active in Senior Centers
  • Encouragement in rehab programs
  • Recruiting for Colleges & Universities
  • Encouraging high school students to take a break from your phone
  • Fun for corporate team building seminars & workshops
  • Motivation for wellness programs
  • Build awareness for nonprofits or use as donor gifts
  • A perfect way for resorts and attractions to help patrons remember a vacation

You can even use these coloring books as part of a contest! For example, a wellness program focused on stress management could prompt participants to turn in their colored designs for prizes.

This unique promotional product is sure to light up the faces and pique the interest of your recipients. Contact me today to get some recommendations on the right coloring book for your campaign or event!

Debbie Yearwood, BASI
Promotional Consultant
Perry Office Plus
(254) 778-4755 x 112

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