Top 5 Ways to Use Imprinted Bags for Maximum Exposure

Bags make such a powerful promotional tool for your business with their popularity, reach, and effectiveness. These are the top ways we see promotional bags used in marketing, plus some tips for maximizing your promo bag ROI!

Tote bags for events

1. Events (Conferences, Sporting Events, & More)

“Who has the best bag at this conference?” Many trade show attendees are on the lookout for which exhibitor has the coolest, most useful bag. There’s a bag for any event: sports & races, seminars & conferences, and charity events. Give the people what they want — there’s something for every budget!

MAXIMIZE IT: As you hand out your bags at your booth, tell recipients they can use their new bag as their ticket to the VIP event you’re hosting. They’ll wag your bag all over the conference center, and you get a captive audience for further sales opportunities.

Imprinted Halloween Bags

2. Halloween Trick-or-Treating

These are sure to be kept for a few days while kids (and yes, parents) sort through their goodies. It’s a great way to put your name in your community.

MAXIMIZE IT: Put a coupon on your bag for the weeks following Halloween!

Plastic Bags

3. Literature & Sample Distribution

There are plastic door hanger bags, inexpensive totes you can use to distribute literature or samples — and then use as a leave-behind with your clients.

MAXIMIZE IT: Sponsor a community event and co-brand your bags with the event’s logo for a special keepsake bag attendees will want to hang on to.

Imprinted Gift Bags

4. Gift bags & Shopping Totes

Whether it’s a handy bag for your guests to use while shopping, or a luxe gift bag to hold their purchases, it’s priceless branding for your business.

MAXIMIZE IT: The higher quality bag, the more likely it will be used as a gift bag or re-used at home, keeping your name around even longer.

5. Car Litter Bags

Trash is a fact of life, and we tend to collect it in our vehicles more these days than ever. A branded litter bag is an inexpensive — yet useful — giveaway for automotive or cleaning businesses. If you want people to think of you while they’re en route, it’s a cheap way to go.

MAXIMIZE IT: Offer a discount to customers who have the bag in their car when they visit your business.

Need proof that bags work? Check out this video:

Let’s discuss your needs and we can recommend the right promotional bag for you: (800) 234-6605. Visit for an overview of our services.

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