Choosing a First Aid Kit for Your Workplace: 3 Things to Consider

With a First Aid Kit on hand, you can be prepared for medical emergencies, no matter the size or type of your workplace.

First Aid Kit1. Ensure your kit meets ANSI/OSHA requirements

Packaging should identify the kit as compliant with ANSI X308.1-2015 standards, which requires different supplies than previous (2009) standards.

2. Choose the right type and number of kits.

Portable kits are great for worksites, and in the vehicles of your on-the-go staff, while wall-mounted kits keep supplies centrally located at the office. A good rule of thumb is that a First Aid kit should be no more than one minute away from any spot in the workplace, so consider strategically placing additional kits if your workplace is larger.

3. Appoint someone to monitor the kit’s contents.

First aid kit refills services are convenient, but can cost you up to 30% more in overstocks and waste. Since many kits have refill cards for each item when supplies are low, it’s easy to manage in-house. Appoint someone to be responsible for periodically checking the inventory levels of each kit, disposing of expired items, and re-ordering supplies as needed. It’s quick and easy and most items are available for next-day delivery from!

And don’t forget…

…to register your kit. Some First Aid Kit makers offer a registration process for select kits, and will notify you of any product changes or first aid requirements in your industry.

…First Aid Kits are not returnable after purchase. For the protection of all consumers, First Aid Kits can not be returned, even if they are unopened.

Perry Office Plus offers a variety of First Aid kits, refills, & supplies. Call or visit today!

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