3 Times Promotional Towels were the Right Marketing Decision

Why do marketers and business owners choose promotional towels for events, giveaways, client and employee gifts?
  • It’s a moving billboard.
  • A large imprint size gives maximum brand exposure.
  • Expose your company to a wide range of people beyond the recipient.
  • People keep and use towels for several years.

Here are 3 times that towels proved to be just the promotional product needed:

UH OH: A summer camp for youth and teenagers was unhappy with the response from campers to their imprinted items like water bottles and bracelets. Many of them would lose them before the end of camp.

Towel Time: When their Promotional Consultant helped them envision a nicer item that commemorated the camp, they increased their budget and chose a beach towel, which was a natural fit, since the camp included swimming multiple times each day. The towels turned into a commemorative piece with a new logo each year and campers were more likely to hold on to the towel and use it the rest of the summer. The added exposure for the camp has resulted in an increase in attendance each year.

Promotional Beach Towels

UH OH: A non-profit association that hosted multiple fundraising golf tournaments was frustrated their budget didn’t allow for high-quality giveaways for the golfers, and attendance was declining.

Towel Time: Rather than draining the budget, the group’s Promotional Consultant suggested that Golf Towel become a fundraiser. A new level of sponsorship included both a hole sponsorship and a towel sponsorship. The towel could have the logos of the sponsors printed on it. They selected a towel that features ‘edge to edge’ sublimation print so numerous logos would fit, with no limitations in color, gradient or half tones. They even used a picture of the 18th hole as a backdrop.

These high quality towels were used, kept, and re-used again. A first class, commemorative golf towel is now given to the golfers AND…an additional $2750 was raised for the event in the first year! The past 2 years, the first sponsorships sold were those that included the towel, and the tournament attendance has increased dramatically.

Promotional Golf Towels

UH OH: A large manufacturing plant gives their 700+ employees a summer gift each year, but the owner was clinging to the same typical gift of a wearable item, year after year.

Towel Time: Their Promotional Consultant finally convinced the owner to try giving his staff a nice beach towel, as she knew it would get him better brand exposure in public places and that they would be kept for years. They went with a classic luxurious beach towel with a carrying strap.

A month later, the owner of the company was with his family at the local lake. As he wandered the beach; he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw not one, not two, but several of the company towels being used at the lake. He immediately grabbed his cell phone and texted his Consultant: “You were right! What incredible exposure for us!” Each year’s towel is now branded with a one-of-a-kind commemorative logo with and a different theme. What once was a typical gift, is now a “summer employee appreciation program”.

Promotional Towels

Want more information on the towel options available and which one is right for you?
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These are actual case studies provided by Terry Town.

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