5 Retro Promotional Products for Your Next Way-back Marketing Campaign

Need a promotion that will never go out of style? Add your logo to an old-school product to celebrate an anniversary, appeal to a certain age group’s nostalgia, or just make a splash with a fun promotional product in your next marketing campaign. Here are a few ideas.

Retro Promotional Products - Metal Lunch Box with Imprint, or Custom Rubik's Cube

Package up your next promotion in an imprinted Retro Lunchbox!

Many remember the metal lunch box from their childhood! With 3 color options and plenty of imprint space, it’s a fun and eye-catching addition to your next marketing campaign. Fill it with your media kit, new client materials, or special thank-you treats!

Price: $$5.75 each for 25 pieces.*

Try your logo on a custom Rubik’s Cube to show potential clients YOU’RE the answer!

This a fun, nostalgic way to get your message seen and shared.

Price: $6.98 each for 50 pieces.*

Retro Promotional Products - Gumball machine soda fountain cup water bottle

Make your marketing POP with an Old-Fashioned Gumball Machine.

Success is never “bygone” when the candy dispenser is in your campaign! Great for any desk top, it features a clear container that holds your choice of nearly 50 different candy varieties. Sure to be a sweet promotion!

Price: $6.14 each for 25 pieces.*

Go way back with a trip to the Soda Fountain!

This 24 oz. fountain soda tumbler has a twist-on lid and matching straw in a variety of colors. It’s great for trade shows, gift shops, diners and much more.

Price: $4.50 each for 150 pieces.*

A soda-shaped Water Bottle is a unique throwback!

Put some novelty into your hydration routine with this soda-shaped Tritan bottle. About 9″ tall and dishwasher safe, it’s a distinctive promotional option with old-fashioned appeal.

Price: $5.50 each for 100 pieces.*


Want to go back to the future with your next promotion?
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