3 Pet-Related Promotional Products that Work for Non-Pet Businesses

The U.S. Pet Industry is expected to reach $47.7 billion this year, increasing 31% from what was being spent just 5 years ago. Three out of five American households (62%) have at least one pet, and 42% of Americans own 2 or more pets. Any business can benefit from giving away promotional products geared towards pets and pet owners to make a lasting impression. These items can be used every day by your customers even if you aren’t a veterinary clinic, pet groomer, or pet boarding facility.

1. Pet owners love when their pet is included — how about a treat? Dog or cat treats are a great way to say you care about the furriest family member. Advertise your residential real estate services. Brag about yoru pet-friendly apartments or hotels.

Pet Treats

Wholesome, all natural pet treats in a bone or fish shape. Dog treats taste like sweet potato and honey. Cats treats have salmon and chicken flavors. Get your full color imprint right on the label. Made in the USA.

2. Creating a pet-friendly environment is nice, but cleanliness is important, too! If your business or community encourages cleaning up after pets, these bag dispensers are a great, gentle reminder.

Pet Waste Disposal Bags

3. Why not showcase adorable pets on your promotional item? We love to see our adorable pets AND other people’s adorable pets, too! Get in on the craze that has birthed internet sensations like Grumpy Cat, Boo, and Crisp P. Bacon.

Puppy and kitten calendars are cute and cuddly, and you can easily add your logo for a warm and fuzzy promotion that will be around all year long. You can even make your own custom calendar featuring your staff’s pets!

Pet Calendars

With so many pets, and our undying devotion to them, making a connection with pet owners is always a smart marketing move. Contact us today to get started on your next promotion. We’ll help you create a warm and fuzzy feeling around your brand! Visit perryop.com/custom.

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