3 Furniture Trends in the Healthcare Industry 

Outfitting a healthcare facility with furniture provides unique challenges, and as the industry changes, the furniture is changing with it.

We are seeing more:

1. Lightweight Furniture

Many designers and manufacturers are trending toward lighter weight patient chairs. A great example is the minimalist Soothe recliner from HON has un-upholstered arms that pivot out of the way to help ease patients in and out.  It also allows for infinite recline positions from upright to fully reclined as shown below.  The chair is easily mobile, with locking casters.

HON Soothe Recliner Healthcare Furniture
HON Soothe Recliner Healthcare Furniture


Learn more about HON Soothe Recliner >

2. Contrasting Upholstery

This is a long-term trend with lasting power that creates a more interesting aesthetic. You can also use this method to reduce costs — apply a more highly-treated and expensive fabric where it is most needed, and a less costly fabric to other parts of the chair. This HON Soothe 2-seat chair is a great example.

HON Soothe 2 Seat Bench Healthcare Furniture

3. Coordinating Bariatric Seating

The need for bariatric seating — which accommodates users of 350 lbs or more — is not new, but it’s becoming much more widely available from basically every contract furniture manufacturer. It’s now easier than ever to incorporate into any seating area, from the lobby to offices, to patient rooms. You can now provide a comfortable option for all guests, without compromising the aesthetic of the space. “Confide” seating by National illustrates the integration of bariatric guest chairs with standard and lounge chairs.

Confide seating National Office Furniture Bariatric Guest Chairs

If your healthcare facility is looking for furniture for your lobby or reception area, patient rooms or offices, the Perry Office Plus furniture team can help select products, and design and plan your space. Contact one of our Furniture Consultants today: (800) 234-6605 or check out our furniture project gallery for inspiration.

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  1. You’ll want to create an atmosphere wherein patients feel a sense of control. Chairs in any seating area should be able to be moved apart, meaning that ganged seating is okay, but it’s recommended to use tables as spacers to that nobody feels crowded.


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