4 Furniture Design Trends to Watch in 2016

Like most things, design trends are always changing. What was jaw-dropping a few years ago may be less than stylish today. Furniture is no different and what’s expected to be “on-trend” this year might just surprise you.

In 2016, we’ll see inventive ideas in structures and materials, space saving and exotic forms, multi-functional design, practicality and bright upholstery fabrics. Modern furniture design trends will blend traditional, oriental and ornamental styles into novel contemporary furniture pieces.

1. Light-scale Furniture

This design will offer a blend of beauty and uniqueness. Furnishings will shrink becoming visually lighter in scale and will adapt to a variety of spaces. The furniture will be stylish and comfortable breaking away from the single function and offer innovative design ideas for creating multifunctional spaces which allow users to enjoy new experiences. In offices, we see products like Allsteel Parallel lounge seating filling this role.

Allsteel ParallelAllsteel Parallel


2. Plywood. Yes, THAT plywood.

It isn’t just a construction material anymore and it’s notorious status of looking “cheap” has ended. This durable material is now as sophisticated as it is affordable. Made from thin sheets of wood layered with the grain running at 90 degrees to each other, plywood is less likely to warp than solid wood, but can be more porous. Unless the plywood is properly finished, it is not ideal for outdoor environments or prolonged exposure to the elements. With the right tools and a little creativity, plywood could be just the look you were looking for. Examples from Cargo Collective and Fiona Lynch.

cargocollective fionalynch

3. International & Industrial Flair

Need an inexpensive way to make over a space? Ethnic or industrial style accents with bright colors can give new life to classic interiors. These will be seen in trendy spaces this year.

ethnic3 ethnic2 ethnic

4. Tech-Inspired Furniture

The digital age has created a process of “dematerialization,” in which products are simultaneously shrinking and becoming smarter. Eventually, we will all be implanted with microchips, and we’ll be the product. Until then, new technology creates a new level of excellence in furniture design.

tech3  tech1  tech2

Classic interior design trends stick around because they represent basic principles. Many design trends go away because they reflect experiments and a current mood in the society. What do you think of welcoming these surprising new design trends in 2016?

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