12 Promotion Ideas for Quirky Holidays in 2016

Every month is a reason to celebrate! And in some cases, they make great opportunities to market your business, promote a special program, or boost employee morale. Check out these quirky holidays and get them on your calendar for 2016.

January: Shape Up U.S. Month

This month is dedicated to improving the health of children and teaching kids that the new year’s health focus is not just for grown-ups!

Promotion Idea: Imprint your logo on this fun “I Can Be Healthier” Activity Book and hand out at a youth event or local school for parental brownie points.january

February: Launch of Awards Season

Starting with the Grammy’s on February 15th, awards season begins in Hollywood.

Promotion Idea: Host your own watching events or have your own awards show for employees and hand out these fabulous flashing LED microphones, emblazoned with your logo!


 March 12: International Fanny Pack Day

They may be out of style, but they are convenient.

Promotion Idea: Bring them back with your own custom imprinted Fanny Pack! Runners, travelers, and festival-goers will all appreciate these handy accessories.march

April 5: National Deep Dish Pizza Day

There are so many kinds of pizza to love — this is just really specific!

Promotion Idea: Give a Supreme Pizza Cut-It to customers for whom you’re “deeply” thankful! Share them with prospects to get them on board with your “deep” discounts or extra “dough”.april

May: National Barbecue Month

Celebrate the warming weather and get ready for those cookouts.

Promotion Idea: The LogoTec BBQ Master Grill Set makes a great “gift with purchase” or door prize at your spring event.


June 23: Runner’s Selfie Day

There is an art to taking a selfie while running!

Promotion Idea: Custom imprinted selfie sticks can make this process a little easier — use them as a door prize at races.june

July: National Ice Cream Month

As if we need an excuse to enjoy delicious, creamy desserts all month!

Promotion Idea: Remind your customers how “sweet” you think they are with this fun Ice Cream Cone Pen.july

August 15: Relaxation Day

Sunday might be a day of rest, but who couldn’t use another one?

Promo Idea: Encourage your customers to relax and pamper themselves with the Bamboo Relaxation Bath Set.august


September: Fall Hat Month

As we all go out to enjoy football and soccer games, don’t neglect your noggin!

Promotion Idea: A perfect hand out for the cooling weather is this Custom Embroidered Double Layer Fleece Beanie.september

October: National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

Enjoy this delicious snack, and be sure to share it with others!

Promotion Idea: This Personalized Popcorn Bag is a fun way to share a message with your audience.october

November 15: America Recycles Day

A day to remember that recycling helps!

Promotion Idea: This Mini-Eco Note Combo is made of recycled cardboard with 60 pages of ruled recycled paper and includes a paper barrel pen for an eco-friendly gift.november

December 17: Maple Syrup Day

It’s good for pancakes, waffles, and many other yummy treats — breakfast or otherwise.

Promotion Idea: Use custom-printed bottles of maple syrup to tell your best clients or employees how sweet it is to work with them.december


Like one of these ideas or need more? Call or email me today — and be sure to visit our online promo gallery of past projects. 

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