Why a Full Color Imprint Can Improve Your Branded Products

When it comes to customizing your promotional products, not all imprint options are created equal!

What does “Full Color” really mean?

Most items have at least a one-color imprint option — a single ink color pushed through a screen, or printed onto the item. Depending on the item and your artwork, you can often add more colors if you want part of the imprint to be a different color. Some items can even accept up to 8 or more ink colors!

When we refer to a “full color” imprint, it means the image is actually printed onto the item’s surface using a 4-color printer (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black). This process prints the image like a photograph, instead of laying down the colors individually.

So, how can full color imprint can improve your branded promotional products?

1. Full Color Creates a Stronger Impression

Studies show that an item with a full-color imprint will have a “higher perceived value”, meaning the recipient is more likely to believe the item cost you more money to produce. Everyone enjoys receiving something of value — especially for free! They’ll have a better impression of your business. and be more likely to keep the item, therefore seeing your message more often.

cups2. Full Color Creates More Artwork Possibilities

Do you have a colorful logo that doesn’t look quite right in black & white? Concerned about the color of your logo being exactly right? Want to use gradients or photographs?

When you select a single-color imprint, you’ll often choose from a list of standard ink colors, which can vary by item. If you want a specific color for your branding, some printers let you request a special ink be made to match a PMS or Pantone color, but this service costs extra. Plus, different colors are often required to not be touching.

With a full-color imprint, your color choices and artwork are virtually endless. From a specific color or special gradient, to the fine details of a photograph, full-color imprints can open up the creative options!

3. Full Color Can Save You Time & Money Over Adding Single Colors

frisbeesA full-color imprint applies all of the colors in one pass with one set-up charge and can be completed in a short period of time.

While most promotional products do offer the ability to imprint just one color, and then add additional colors individually, you’ll often spend more money and wait longer. As you add individual ink colors, the process requires a setup charge for each color and “run charges” for each time an item has to be run through a machine. You’ll end up with a longer production time because of the drying time required between each color’s application. Full-color imprints avoid these caveats.

You Don’t Have to Decide on Your Own!

Still not sure which imprint process will work best for your imprint, budget, time frame and target audience? Contact me and I can help guide you in deciding which option will work best!

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