Update: Apple-Certified Charging Attachments for Promotional Power Banks Now Available from Preferred Suppliers

by Debbie Yearwood, Promotional Products Specialist, Perry Office Plus
(800) 234-6605 | promos@perryop.com | perryop.com/custom

Earlier this year, we shared the news about Apple notifying many in the promotional products industry that the iOS charging attachments being sold did not meet their standards and were not Apple-certified. As soon as I heard about the concern, I committed to only offering Apple Certified Charging Attachments to ensure the products that my customers received were safe from inferior cables and to avoid legal concerns. The problem was that, at the time, there WEREN’T any suppliers who met those regulations.

This has finally changed!

I am pleased to share that many of my preferred suppliers, such as Bic Graphic, are now offering Apple-Certified Charging Attachments. Bic Graphic announced recently the addition of Apple® MFi certified cables to its growing assortment of technology products. Understanding the demand for cables compatible with the latest mobile devices, BIC Graphic is introducing products from Naztech, a popular brand available at retailers such as QVC, Airport Wireless and HSN.

The Apple® MFi certification program serves to identify accessories manufactured and sold by authorized companies. Manufacturers like Naztech, are permitted to display the “Made for iPod,” “Made for iPhone,” and “Made for iPad” trademarks on their product packaging to indicate they have been certified to meet Apple’s performance standards.”

This now allows me to offer you these products with confidence, knowing that they can be used safely with your Apple® devices.  Check out these new items available now:

Naztech® Charge and Sync USB Lightning™ MFi Cable (#31963) – transfers music and pictures in seconds and charges with an 8-pin Lightning™ Connector. Compatible with several generations of the iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone.

Naztech® Hybrid Lightning™ and Micro USB Cable (#31964) – the ultimate in convenience, this 6-foot durable charge and sync cable features both Lightning™ and Micro USB connectors. Users can easily plug the 2-in-1 cable into their PC or laptop and charge or transfer data, music and pictures in a snap.


Call me today to get a quote on a great promotional power bank with Apple-certified charging cables! And be sure to check out my post on What You Should Know About Promotional Power Banks.

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