Reconfigure Your Cubicles into a New Office Layout That WORKS


Cubicle Reconfiguration

The Perry Office Plus install team reassembles our Customer Support cubicles in a different layout after moving them from another room in our Temple, Texas headquarters.

Your office is changing. It’s time to relocate, add or reduce staff, maybe just clean the carpet or do some remodeling. But what about those cubicles?

Whether your needs have changed and you need to move/rearrange, or you just need to clear out your cubicles temporarily for some reason, there’s a solution – and we’ve got it. Here’s how the process works.

1. Take inventory.

Perry Office Plus Furniture Consultants often are called upon to take inventory of a customers’ existing cubicle setup to know which parts are in good working order and can be reused in an alternate layout. This includes everything from panel walls and worksurfaces, all the way down to brackets and tackboards. We locate power and data wall outlets or ceiling drops and measure the room.

2. Determine your goals.

Need more worksations? Moving your team to a different building or space? You’ll discuss any needs with your Perry Office Plus Furniture Consultant. Luckily, many cubicle systems and modular furniture can be reconfigured to accommodate different arrangements with the same parts. It’s a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

This is also the time to add storage, update seating, increase worksurface lighting, or add accessories like articulating monitor arms.

3. Plan your new space.

Once our Consultants know the starting point and your goal for the cubicles, they will input the parts list into space planning software and create a new configuration of workstations with the same parts. We’ll even provide computer renderings to show you the new layout before proceeding.

4. Determine additional parts or storage needed.

Depending on your goal, you might need only a few extra pieces to make it happen. For larger expansions, we’ll make recommendations for pieces that will flow visually with your current system, if possible, and help keep your budget intact. And if the space is available, we can often assist with storing your furniture until the new space is ready.

5. Install your new layout.

Once you’ve cleared your worksurfaces, emptied your storage, and removed any phone/data cabling, our professional installation team will use the drawings created earlier to tear down and rebuild your system and create your new cubicle layout.

So, whether you are moving, adding staff or changing your workflow, we can help you get where you want to go. Request a consultation by calling our Furniture Department at (800) 234-6605 or use the Request a Quote form on our website. 

About Perry Office Plus
We're Central Texas' largest independent office products & furniture dealer and have been locally owned and operated since our establishment in 1920. Visit our website to shop for all your office supplies and call any of our fantastic Customer Service Reps if you have any questions or need help with your office products.

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