3 Ways to Promote Your Business at an Outdoor Event

by Debbie Yearwood, Promotional Product Specialist, Perry Office Plus | (800) 234-6605

Whether you’ve got a booth at a local festival, or sponsoring sporting events, races, summer concert series, or golf tournament, here are a few ideas that will help you stand out.

Custom Printed Event Tent1. Offer Comfort

Spring and summer events in Central Texas usually mean it’s going to be WARM and SUNNY. Take advantage of this when choosing your promotional strategy.

Depending on your booth setup and what you have to offer guests inside, you could set up your custom imprinted outdoor canopy or tent and invite guests to walk underneath to take advantage of the shade, while hearing about your business and demoing your products.

Add a coupon to the label of your custom printed bottled water! Be sure to point out the coupon when you’re handing it to an event-goer. It will give them a reason to keep the label and provide you an idea of your ROI if they come back through your door. On that note, beware of cheaply printed labels if you plan on icing down your water — you don’t want the ink to run and ruin your beautiful logo!sunscreen

Hand out a promotional item that event attendees can use on the spot, but will also hang on to after the event . A bottle of imprinted sunscreen, imprinted sunglasses, logoed cooling towels, hand sanitizer (carnival food trucks!) or mini first aid kits with your company logo on them are all possibilities.

2. Be SEEN!

Often, outdoor events require a bit more of a splash in order to stand out from the crowd of booths. In addition to a customized canopy, a full-color banner or table cover will give you a more dynamic and professional appearance. People gravitate to a good splash of color!

Cruzin' CoolerAnd if you’re allowed to do it, don’t confine yourself to a booth or table! The Cruzin’ Cooler allows you to drive around the event, hand out cold drinks — and coupons or literature — and invite people to your spot at the event, or just invite them right to your business. This fantastic promotional tool is available in electric models that have up to a 10 mile range. Request more information about this or any other promotional cooler >

The Flighter - Unique promotional flying disc3. Be FUN!

Fun items like flying discs (Frisbees), beach balls and rally towels, or practical items like hats or visors are great giveaways for outdoor events. The Flighter, seen here, is a really unique option here. It folds for compact carrying, but is a really great flying disc with a lot of branding opportunity! Learn more about The Flighter on our website >

Consider a customizeable prize wheel with a variety of promotional items, so you can order fewer of the higher cost items. Or simply give out the more valuable items after attendees have heard your sales pitch, provided their contact information or set up a consultation.

Let’s start planning your next HOT outdoor event!

Have an upcoming outdoor event where you’ll be exhibiting or sponsoring? I’ve got ideas for you. Request information on our Custom Products page, or email me directly at promos@perryop.com

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