3 Things Your Marketing Department Wants You to Know

#1. “Brand Guidelines” really ISN’T about our OCD.

There are very good reasons we ask you not to use the logo in a certain way, or to have crazy fonts in your email signature — and only some of those reasons are that we have control issues. Mostly, we want to maintain a united face, a cohesive brand appearance across all our communications. Clients need to connect our advertisements, emails and websites — instantly — with our company in their head. Creating standards of colors, fonts, messages and other communication aspects means that’s more likely to happen over time than if everything our company put out looks completely different or “speaks” with different “voices”. You know?

#2. We take privacy very seriously.

Yes, we want everyone in the world to know how awesome our company is. But our customers’ privacy is non-negotiable. Here at Perry Office Plus, we guard our customers’ email addresses very tightly. We don’t provide or even sell them to anyone — including our vendors or other partners — for any reason. If information gets sent out, it’s because WE send it out. Sales data, usage, contact information — it’s all held in very high regards in terms of privacy and security, and that includes both digital and hard copies. We also use a shredding service to make sure we comply with privacy laws. It’s a pretty safe bet that your Marketing Department (or maybe IT or Human Resources) is thinking about those things, too.

#3. It’s mostly guessing.

A lot of marketing really is about making educated assumptions — but it boils down to guessing nonetheless. A good marketing team can be confident, but can never make guarantees about marketing efforts. Even things that have worked in the past might not work again because of various market conditions, the economy, shifts in buying behaviors or a multitude of other reasons. So have mercy on us. We’re doing the best we know to do.

What are some things you’ve seen your marketing team/person produce that have gotten good results?

About Perry Office Plus
We're Central Texas' largest independent office products & furniture dealer and have been locally owned and operated since our establishment in 1920. Visit our website to shop for all your office supplies and call any of our fantastic Customer Service Reps if you have any questions or need help with your office products.

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