That Chair Costs HOW Much? 4 Factors Affecting the Price of Your Office Chair

by Jessica Speer, Perry Furniture Manager

As you browse through an office furniture showroom or catalog, one of the first questions you may ask is about the price. Sometimes, the answer is surprising. A quality office chair can start at $150 and run as much $600 or even more. There are chairs that cost into the thousands!

But why? It’s just a chair!


There are a few factors that influence the price of that just-right chair: 

1. Domestic Production

At Perry Office Plus, we do offer office furniture manufactured overseas, but the vast majority of what we sell is produced in the US or Canada. There really is a big quality difference: better raw materials, greater longevity, and the knowledge that your dollars are supporting US business.

Plus, domestically produced furniture is assembled in the factory, which means greater durability. An office chair that comes in from overseas is likely to be shipped in many pieces so it can be fit into the smallest box possible, and then must be assembled on site, often not by a trained professional, which increases likelihood of problems in the future.

2. Warranty Coverage & Maintenance Services 

Many of our office furniture manufacturers stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty at no additional charge, something that could save you a lot of money in chair repairs or replacement down the road. Perry Office Plus – as your “servicing dealer” – can often handle any warranty issues on your behalf to save you even more time, money and hassle. When your chair needs professional attention, you’ll have peace of mind knowing service is only a phone call away.

 3. Daily Use

Office chairs are used in a wide variety of places, so manufacturers design chairs for different uses and the amount of time each day they are typically used.

Around-the-Clock Use
An office that is staffed 24 hours a day across multiple shifts, such as a police dispatch, will need a more durable chair that can accommodate the different body types using it throughout the day. The manufacturing process and materials used in a chair this durable are top-notch, and drive the chair price upward.

Light Duty
At the other end of the spectrum, a salesperson is likely to spend most of their day out of the office and may touch down at the office an hour or two a day. For this person, we can consider more of a light-duty chair that would cost significantly less.

Average Use
Somewhere in between, there’s the 8-to-5 worker who is likely seated for around 8 hours a day. Since this person will likely spend more time in their office chair than they do on their mattress, it needs to be ergonomically correct and provide support specific to their body type. These added features will increase the investment.

As you can see, for those who sit for long periods, an office chair is more than just a place to sit – it’s an investment in that person’s health!

4. Options

There are a host of individual options that can also affect the price of a chair: Upholstery and finishes, big/tall options, designer names, etc. A chair can be as unique as the person sitting in them and the cost varies. A good furniture consultant can help you select all the options that make sense for you, while staying within your budget.


What All This Means to You, the Buyer

It’s easy to dismiss the price of a chair as simply too high, but if you’re working with a reputable and knowledgeable office furniture dealer, you’re getting what you pay for – before and after your purchase. Consider the value the chair, its features, options, warranties, and service guarantees can bring to you and your business.

So now that you know more about the factors affecting the price of an office chair, maybe the question to ask isn’t “Why is that chair so expensive?” but rather “Why is THAT chair so cheap?”


The Perry Office Plus office furniture team stays current on the latest industry trends and options. We are trained to evaluate your situation and recommend the appropriate furniture and chairs. Reach out to our consultants: (800) 234-6605 or contact us online.

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We're Central Texas' largest independent office products & furniture dealer and have been locally owned and operated since our establishment in 1920. Visit our website to shop for all your office supplies and call any of our fantastic Customer Service Reps if you have any questions or need help with your office products.

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