News: Your Best Value Paper is New & Improved

Your new Best Value PaperAt Perry Office Plus, we work hard to keep prices competitive on the products that are important to you and we know paper needs to stay competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

That’s why we’re transitioning from our Perry-branded copy paper — which would see a price increase soon — to this new Universal-branded paper as your best-value, go-to paper in order to avoid passing on a price increase to you.

We’ve loved seeing our Perry-branded copy paper box out in the community. People use it for moving things, storage things, and we get a little rush when we see folks carrying them around or stacked up in an office storage room. Yeah, I know — “Nerd alert!” — right?

But our customers’ needs are more important to us than a pretty box, or a little free advertising. We know we have to stay competitive and we know that issue often starts with copy paper. We think this new product is a great solution.

The Universal HB Print & Copy paper is produced by the same manufacturer as the former paper so you won’t experience any change in quality, and an INCREASE in brightness — an eye-popping 95+ high-bright paper. That’s more bang for your buck!

The new item number — UNV91200 — will replace the CS140502 effectively immediately and you will see this new item number added to any Favorites Lists where you once had the old number. The old number will continue to work for a brief time, but when your order is delivered, it will be this new Universal paper.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy this new paper and we hope you’ll share your thoughts on the new paper when you get a chance to try it out. Of course, we know copy paper isn’t your highest priority, so we’ll consider no news as good news! 🙂

As always, our Customer Support team is available to answer any questions: (800) 234-6605 or

About Perry Office Plus
We're Central Texas' largest independent office products & furniture dealer and have been locally owned and operated since our establishment in 1920. Visit our website to shop for all your office supplies and call any of our fantastic Customer Service Reps if you have any questions or need help with your office products.

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