8 Things We’ll Do During Your Ergomomic Assessment (and 1 Thing We Won’t)

8 Things We’ll Do During Your Ergonomic Assessment (and 1 Thing We Won’t)

October is National Ergonomics Month and at Perry Office Plus, we’re offering FREE ergonomic assessments all month long! Read on to learn more and click here to request yours.

So what can you expect during one of these assessments?

  1. We’ll come to you.
    It all starts with a visit from a Perry Office Plus furniture consultant. This 30-60 minute assessment should be done at your place of work so we can tailor the evaluation personally for you. Yes, there are general guidelines for ergonomic correctness, but each person is truly unique and that means the solutions will vary according to body type, working style and the type of work being done.
  1. We might adjust your chair and how you are seated.
    There are several factors that we take into consideration, usually starting with seating. We evaluate how your chair is working in relation to your body and make any necessary adjustments. This includes making sure you can sit with your feet on the floor and that the angles of your legs and arms are correct for a relaxed sit.
  1. We will discuss your computer monitor and keyboard placement.
    Are your monitors too high, low or far away to provide an easy line of sight? Or perhaps your keyboard location is causing an unnatural angle for your wrists which can be uncomfortable over time. We’ll show you how you can adjust these to be more ergonomically sound.
  1. We’ll look under your desk.
    If there is any difficulty with movement around the desk, perhaps a chairmat is in order. There may be an issue with obstacles under the desk that limit movement and increase risk of injury. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about your stash of afternoon snacks you have under there.
  2. We’ll check out your lighting.
    The lighting in the area should be sufficient for all tasks being performed but not so bright that it strains the eyes – we can help you with this.
  3. Anything else you use a lot? We’ll check that, too.
    We’ll identify any other high-use items such as a phone and adjust the locations according to level of use, to limit strain on the body when reaching for the item.
  4. We might point out some bad habits.
    It’s not easy, but it’s important to be aware of how your work habits may actually be contributing to body stress – such as improper sitting positions, disorganization and infrequent movement. These habits can be hard to break, and can cause even the best ergonomic products and information to be less effective. Part of our assessment is reminding you to avoid things like crossing your legs, perching on the edge of your chair, and sitting for too long.
  5. We’ll advise you on any products that can help – but it’s not a sales pitch.
    Do you have to buy new products to be ergonomically correct? Not necessarily. Sometimes it can just be a matter of taking what you already have and adjusting it to work better for you. In fact, most workspaces probably have some room for improvement that wouldn’t require buying anything at all. Sometimes, though, we do find that a different chair, keyboard tray, task light or monitor arm will help the situation. Every situation is different, and our consultants are well informed about the products available that may help you.

But there is one thing we WON’T do: We won’t give you medical advice.

The furniture consultants at Perry Office Plus have years of combined experience in the office furniture industry, and loads of research at our fingertips from our manufacturers who all strive to meet the standards set up by organizations such as OSHA and the CDC.  But please know that we are not medical professionals and we strongly recommend consulting your doctor if you are in pain or have needs that extend beyond a general assessment.

And don’t forget, for the entire month of October, in honor of National Ergonomics Month, we are offering free on site consultations for all your ergonomic questions and concerns. Call the Perry Office Plus Furniture Department at (800) 234-6605 or click here to request an appointment for your personal ergonomic assessment.

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