How to put Electrical & Data Outlets Where Your Office Really Needs Them

The demand to accommodate the power and data connection needs of technology and mobile devices is growing rapidly. Perry Furniture Consultant Lea Goates shows us a variety of furniture products and accessories that help you get power where it’s needed most in your office.

1. Power to the DESKTOP!

Why here?

Multiple devices means more need for power at the desktop level. Connections at the work surface give office users the ability to charge up without having to crawl under a desk or whip out the power strips. Data isn’t as much of a concern here, thanks to the prevalence of wi-fi.

How to do it:

No longer do you need specially designed cubicle walls to get power to your desktop. “Existing workstations can be retrofitted with electrical accessories like powered grommets, or under-surface outlets,” Lea says. “Our team at Perry is doing this type of installation all the time now, but some products can even be added by the DIY type in an office.”

ECA Seclusion

ECA Seclusion offers the ability to add power plugs just under the work surface.

HON Flush Grommet Mount (HGRMTAC) provides power at the desktop level.

HON power grommet can be added to nearly any work surface.

2. Power (& Data) to the CONFERENCE ROOM!

Why here?

These spaces are becoming more high-tech with video-sharing capabilities as companies move away from whiteboards and projectors and begin adopting large monitors.

How to do it:

Media tables like the SurfaceWorks Rapport incorporate power and data bays where laptops can be easily plugged in and presentations shared:


The ECA Marina collaborative meeting solution offers easy access to a combination of power receptacles, optional data capabilities, and USB charging ports, while allowing up to 4 users to share ideas on one screen with the push of a “Show Me” button. And it all is packaged inside a recessed storage compartment:

ECA Marina


Why here?

Lea explains, “These spaces are increasing in popularity as workers are toting their devices with them and having impromptu meetings with colleagues.”

How to do it:

From tables to seating, furniture that integrates power into break room, lounge, or creative sharing areas is becoming the norm.

The Allsteel Further Hub can be soft- or hard-wired into floor outlets and has configurable faceplates:

Allsteel Further Hub

Integrate your power into soft seating for power where you park, such as Allsteel Rise and JSI Connect Lounge:

Allsteel Rise

JSI Connect Lounge Seating


Why here?

Sometimes you need to get power where there is no power! “Sometimes people will ignore a potentially useful part of their office simply because there is no power available,” Lea says.

How to do it:

Here are a couple of ideas for your wide open spaces, such as an “on-floor” power system or portable power station. On-floor or In-carpet systems from Connectrac keep wires out of site and power where it’s handy. They’re extremely durable and flexible, they comply with the ADA and offer a multitude of power alternatives and telecom capabilities. Learn more about Connectrac here:


Portables like the ECA Drifter give you a plug where there was none before. :

ECA Drifter

So… Where do you need power?

Call the Perry Office Plus Furniture Department for a free consultation about your power and data needs, and what solutions might be available for your space. The Perry Office Plus furniture team is well-versed in installing power accessories but we can also help you determine what’s available for the “DIY” type. Call (800) 234-6605 or email

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