How to Light Your Desk for a Healthier Workday

Did you know that different types of work should use different types and placement of lighting? Perry Office Plus Furniture Manager Jessica Speer shares the ergonomically sound way to light your work area.

How to Light Your Desk for a Healthier Workday

VIVID-LE by ESILighting for Computer Work

For slaving away at your computer, Jessica says it’s important to have ample light that is evenly dispersed for working at a screen. This means an overhead light is usually ideal (although every workspace is a little different).

Take a look at your work space and look for dark areas and overly lit areas – and try to eliminate them. These “dark spots” and “hot spots” can cause eye fatigue.

Do you sit in a corner that doesn’t get much light? Or do you have too much directed light, from a window or badly placed lamp that’s creating a glare on your computer screen? Position a task light above and in front of your monitor to lighten the area and reduce screen glare. A great option is the VIVID-LE from ESI which rotates and is height-adjustable for complete versatility (seen at right).

Do you have overhead shelves that create a cave-like feeling? Go for an under-cabinet light such as Ciglio from Workrite:

Ciglio Undercabinet Lighting

Ciglio’s bright, warm and evenly diffused light output makes it the perfect choice for detailed task
and office work. The touch strip control provides intuitive dimming from 15–100% as well
as instant on/off control. At full power, Ciglio™ delivers an impressive 400 lumens per foot. To
save energy when you are away, select the optional integrated passive infrared occupancy sensor.
The sophisticated design provides superior flexibility in fixture positioning. Single units can be
positioned in any direction and daisy chain fixtures can be sequenced in any direction. Ciglio’s
slim profile and understated finish options will complement virtually any interior.


Solstice Lamp by ESILighting for Paperwork

It’s important to have sufficient lighting for paperwork to avoid eye strain. Some experts suggest you need 5 times more light for paperwork than for computer work. Wow!

“In our office there is plenty of overhead light, but we also enhance each person’s individual space with a lamp on the desk,” Jessica says. Choose a location for your light that illuminates your work area, without having to look directly at the light source (a.k.a. Diffusion!).

A focused task light is strongly recommended – a dimmable light is ideal. The Solstice lamp from ESI (seen here) features a dimmer and a USB port!


LED or Flourescent?

There is a lot of information on LED versus fluorescent lights and not everyone agrees as to which is preferred. However, there’s a definite trend favoring LED lights, since they’re longer lasting, considered to be safer (no yucky mercury or overheating), and use a lot less electricity. LED lights are a much more expensive investment up front. “Most of our vendors still offer both options,” Jessica says.

Tip: Keep it Moving

Just as it’s a good ergonomic rule to move your body from time to time, it’s also good to move your lighting occasionally, too, if you have the option. If you have a light that rotates, hinges or dims, take advantage of that and mix it up to keep your eyes and body from tiring in one specific spot.

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