Day Trip: Office Trends from Metrocon

A few Perry folks visited the regional convention of interior designers at Metrocon in Dallas on Friday, August 12. Part of the convention includes a small tradeshow, full of vendors showing off the latest in residential and business furniture, wall and floor coverings, equipment and decor. Here are a few highlights from our day:

Check out this Jafco conference table. Remind you of a restaurant booth? It should. Our Furniture Consultants, Lea and Jessica, tried it out:

It’s actually easier to sit down on the benches than those a restaurant, because they are made to sit far enough from the table for you to walk between them. And, once you’re seated, the table splits in the middle and can be pulled apart so you don’t have to ‘scoot up’ to it. Imagine how relaxed and comfortable meetings would be at this table… just like meeting friends for dinner.

Speaking of relaxed, Lea tried out this La-Z-Boy bariatric recliner with warming and vibration… great for medical facilities. Plus, the arms detach for getting patients easily into and out of the chair.

Once we woke Lea up, we turned around and saw these bad boys… Some amazing silk plant decor:

And you know what your office restroom is missing? This dragon faucet… or maybe the blinged-out number behind it.

We made our way over to check out Hedge, Scootch and Rise from Allsteel. Sounds like nicknames frat brothers might give each other, but these are award-winning pieces of new furniture, unveiled at Neocon in Chicago this spring.

“Hedge” is an upholstered room divider – sturdy enough to lean with confidence – and includes built-in standing-height worksurfaces. “Scooch” is a set of pull-up stools shaped for multiple postures. This set was covered in felt, a popular fabric this year. “Rise” (on the left) is a set of tiered upholstered seating. You could imagine how well these would work in an education setting. Or maybe this is what the Google conference room looks like.

After ooh-ing and aah-ing over some other cool new products at the show, it was time for lunch at Truluck’s (I had the kobe beef sliders – highly recommended):

And then we stopped off at the Allsteel showroom:

It was a nice day trip to check out some of the latest trends in design.

Top Four Trends We Noticed

  1. Mixed materials: Stone & Glass, Plastic and Metal, Wood & Metal, etc
  2. Felt: It’s not just for kindergarten classrooms anymore! It’s now a unique option for covering guest and collaborative seating.
  3. White (and bright colors): Goodbye, dark and traditional offices. Hello, clean and bright open spaces.
  4. Stools and bench seating: When someone stops by your cubicle or office, they’re going to lean or sit on something, even if a guest chair isn’t available. Manufacturers are taking note and offering mobile stools, and built-in padded seating where people would probably park it anyway, especially as offices become more collaborative.
Which trend do you think you could get into? Or are you just keen on the beef sliders? (Did I mention the spicy pimento cheese on them?)
Bonnie Hunt
Marketing Manager
Perry Office Plus

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