Products to Help the Re-Users in Your Office

Whether the people in your office re-use boxes, envelopes or file folders, here are some tools that can help.

The Package Re-User

Profile: Always hunting down a box or used envelope to re-use for shipments, spends their time and Sharpie markers scribbling over old postage, mailing labels and other markings from the boxes they confiscate.

THIS CAN HELP: Avery TrueBlock Technology [on]

Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology leave no traces of previous markings or labels because everything underneath is covered up and out of sight. Just stick these labels on used boxes and packaging and watch as old, distracting scrawls, postage and previous shipping labels magically disappear. Reduce waste and the cost of shipping by reusing old packaging while maintaining a professional look. Plus, it’s from Avery so it’s smudge-free and jam-free, too.

Still loyal to your trusty Sharpie? Upgrade to a Sharpie Professional Chisel-tip Marker for just $2.97 each on

The File Folder Re-User

Profile: Rummages through files to find outdated, unneeded folders that can be reused for current projects and uses a lot of “white-out” and extra labels covering up old file names.

THIS CAN HELP: Post-It Removable File Folder Labels [on]

Office filing is simple with removable file folder labels from Post-It. Available in 2 different sizes (2/3″ x 3-7/16″  or 15/16″ x 3-7/16″) and either white or assorted primary colors for easy filing, these labels stick securely like the quality Post-it products you’re used to, but remove cleanly so you can label and re-label without ending up with a stack of labels. Microsoft Word Templates available!

Prefer things the old-fashioned way? Grab a 10-pack of Bic Wite-Out EZ Correction Tape at!

Any other re-users in your office we can help?

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