Paying it Forward: Winner Gives Prize to Worthy Cause

Misty Leofsky was the winner in our Spot, Snap & Win contest on our Facebook page. She told us how excited she was about her prize: a brand new HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless Multi-Function printer.

“I was up late reading about all the features,” she said when she picked up her prize last week. We were thrilled for her, too.

Later that week, we learned that Misty had given away her prize to benefit a Gatesville family who had recently lost a child to injuries sustained in a devastating fire at their home [See news story]. Another of their children is still in the hospital and the father, a coach at LaVega High School, was receiving treatment for major burns he received while rescuing the boys. The entire community has rallied around this family, and Misty is no exception. She’s been helping with the collection efforts for the benefit, and her anguish for the family is evident in her voice.

Misty's Thank-You Card

“That baby is still in the hospital,” she told me over the phone. “It’s just awful.”

Moved by Misty’s willingness to give up her prize, some of the folks at Perry Office Plus wanted to recognize her and took up a collection to purchase a replacement printer for Misty to keep.  She was very excited and grateful, of course (See Misty’s thank-you card at left). Not often does a good deed get rewarded and this was one we could certainly reward.

The printer itself is not a big deal — to us or Misty, I’m sure. The real point is that giving up something so others can benefit keeps kindness circulating in the world, even in our own community. We’re thankful to play a supporting role in Misty’s great example.

~ Bonnie

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