Celebrate Your Town – It’s Not as Boring as You Might Think

The Waco Tribune Herald posted an online poll today that asks, “What retail chain do you think should come to town next?”

The question might as well have asked: “Which other city along I-35 do you want your town to look, feel and taste just like?” Chain stores and restaurants help make a town virtually indistinguishable from the next town down the road.

Do we want Waco to be Waco, or to be just like Round Rock? Should Belton look like Belton or should it look just like Hillsboro? Those are all great towns with something unique to share – and it’s not necessarily a chain store.

Children are encouraged to admire and look up to heroes and successful people, but most parents would readily encourage their kids to be themselves because they are a unique individual with something to offer. Just as people would be boring if we all looked and acted the same, how boring would our towns become and how little community pride could we boast if each town looked and offered the same options and flavor as the next? Local independent businesses contribute to their community’s character and quality of life. By preserving what is unique about your city, you can avoid becoming “Anywhere, USA.”

Remember: Every time you spend a dollar at local, independent businesses you not only impact the cultural vitality of your community, but you also help build a stronger local economy.

Perhaps we should stop wishing for new chain stores and restaurants and start celebrating what is great about our community. When you step into a locally owned, independent business for your next purchase, you may discover a unique, locally made product or a hometown guy or gal who is working hard to run their business and has a vested interest in serving you like family.

Our vote in this poll: We’re not anti-chain. We encourage everyone to supporting the INDEPENDENT and LOCAL businesses that keep their city vibrant, unique, and competitive!

About Perry Office Plus
We're Central Texas' largest independent office products & furniture dealer and have been locally owned and operated since our establishment in 1920. Visit our website to shop for all your office supplies and call any of our fantastic Customer Service Reps if you have any questions or need help with your office products.

One Response to Celebrate Your Town – It’s Not as Boring as You Might Think

  1. Another great post! I totally agree… why would we want our town to be interchangeable with any other town in America? However, people seem to find validation in the fact that Burlington Coat Factory or Target or Golden Corral has chosen our little town to be in. Then when one of these giant places closes and all those people are laid off, we wonder why. Thanks for these great posts!


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