5 Ways to “Green” Your Break Room

istock_000005401793xsmallAs the first official day of Spring approaches and green begins sprouting out all over, it’s a great time to do some “greening” of another kind!

The break room is one of the easiest places to conserve energy, reduce waste and be a little more environmentally friendly. There are great products and ideas that can help. Here are five:

1. Buy recycled or recyclable. Nowadays, there are recycled alternatives to just about every paper product out there, including paper towels, napkins, facial tissue, and toilet paper.

2. Get natural. Use cleaning products made from safe, natural and not-toxic ingredients to prevent exposure to the hazardous synthetic chemicals conventional cleaners often contain. Seventh Generation’s environmentally responsible line of cleaning products have been sought out by green-conscious consumers for nearly 20 years. Most items in your office products catalog will identify their recycled content.

3. Dust with a damp cloth to ensure that dust, which can collect toxins, is removed from surfaces and not stirred back into the air.

4. Literally add green with plants. Modern office buildings spew out hundreds of chemicals from the new carpets, paints, upholstery, computers and plastics. Many studies have confirmed the advantages of having plants around because they make our environment a healthier place in which to work. Researchers have found that one potted plant per 100 square feet of floor space can help clean the air. The best plants for this use? Palms, lillies, rubber plant, ficus, english ivy and the ever-popular spider plant. Plants also help regulate office humidity, which can prolong the life of your office furniture and other expensive materials.

5. Add a reycling bin for plastic bottles and/or aluminum cans. Then all you have to do is get it to the recycling facility occasionally and the work is done.

Don’t forget to take our “Green Office Challenge”. The first 75 entrants who send in the correct answers will receive a recycled tote bag filled with “green” goodies!

Have a great green Spring!

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