How to Keep Giving Without Going Broke

Mike Bergman, Director of Helping Hands Ministry in Belton, accepts a $1,000 donation from the employees of Perry Office Plus as part of our Giving Fund program.

Mike Bergman, Director of Helping Hands Ministry in Belton, accepts a $1,000 donation from the employees of Perry Office Plus as part of our Giving Fund program.

‘Tis better to give than to receive. Not only that, it’s more fun! We have been spending the last few months around here giving stuff away. Not only did we award our very first Charity Office Makeover, but one of the other cool ways we give has nothing to do with our products.

We call this the Perry Office Plus Giving Fund.

We set this up a few years ago and it makes giving easy and painless. This is an account into which all employees have the option to give a few dollars a paycheck. At the end of the year, we give the money away. Cool, right?

Here’s what makes it work:

1. It’s easy.
You are presented with the option to donate when you join the company and you never have to think about it again.

2. There’s power in numbers.
Everyone has something charitable they want to do during the holidays and at that time of year, it gets harder to cough up $20 or more to contribute. It’s much easier to round up a lot more money by having a group of people give just a few dollars every paycheck.  Most of us will not miss a couple bucks a week.

3. Participants have a choice.
It makes a difference. All participants are asked to nominate and then vote on their preferred charitable group to receive the money.

4. It makes a difference.
Yes, every dollar counts in the world of non-profits, but we really like the fact that our pooled resources can make a big impact. We managed to raise enough in 2008 to give three area charities $1,000 each (Helping Hands Ministry, Waco Advocacy Center, Cove House Homeless Shelter). I loved getting to make those phone calls to the chosen charities!

We also have used this fund in the past for other charitable efforts, including buying Christmas decorations for our adopted unit that was deployed to Iraq and the Salvation Army’s “angel tree” project. All of the activities are presented to the participants by our Morale Committee, a group of employees that coordinate this fund.

Of course, this kind of fund won’t be a viable option for every business but it made sense for us and our goals. It sure makes giving easy and the results are a lot of fun to watch! And since it is strictly from the employees, and not the company, it’s a little different from the other charitable things we do as a company.

We know there are a lot of generous businesses and employees in our area. We’d love to hear about the great things you are doing in our community.

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